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And Ryan, right. You get it. Ladies and gentlemen, joining us now is a man who's been a head coach for the Buffalo Bills. He's been a head coach for the New York Jets. He's been a defensive coordinator all around the world. He's a legend. He's an ESPN personality. He's a guy that I enjoy immensely and Kelly to chat to ladies and gentlemen, Rex Ryan. Can I like to sit up here? You got a little heat going. Atlanta's this cold reason, Rex I'll tell you what we had no heat yesterday up here while we're setting us up for the first time code is ball's did not expect it in Atlanta. There's zero southern hospitality from other nature move forward. I have a question for you. What is your football philosophy? Every time. I hear you talk about football ESPN in all your interviews. It's like it's a game. That's physical. But a lot of fucking fun. I believe is what you try to pitch basically pretty much in. It's funny because I was reading the other day a guy that worked was a secondary. Coach for me. Just got the bears Stevens, Gordon job Chuck Pagano. And he said, it's my guy, you know, kill philosophy. Dude. You flat stole. That's exactly right in. But that that's kind of it because you know, that kiss philosophy that that was for somebody else. But to me, it's the, you know, but that that's really what it is in and get after it enjoy it, and yeah, it is it's a fiscal brand of football. You know, I grew up. My dad always said that a big hit with would change momentum of a game in anything and in his truth. Whether you're punters running down the field smashing, so. Know like, but it's it's the truth. Like, it's and I think that's the way the game still played. And I know look there's a lot of different rules. All that stuff. You can't, you know, take somebody's head off anymore, but you can still be fiscal. And and I think for the most part the most physical team went are you trying to get back into coaching. There's been a lot of rumors that you're getting back out top to Chuck last week. Right. I was very lucky to play for Chuck watch them, go through came as just an incredible human. I think he looks up to you a lot too. So it's he's a great guy. But talking to him he said he knew like a week out of coaching that he wanted to get back into it after he left the colts. It was like a week where him and Tina they're getting a little antsy. He was around the wife too much. She was getting sick of it. He said I need to get back with now. He's with the bears. Are you kind of feel that same way, whereas the helping you a little bit? No, it helps me a little bit. I have a son that's coaching with the chargers. So I get my fix that way. My brother just got back in with the Redskins. So that helps but there's no scoreboard and in one I do right now. And it's tough. When you've been competing all your life. And you know, thirty years I spent as a coach so yeah, you definitely miss the locker room. You miss, you know, the competition in you know, so that. Yeah. I I definitely miss it. And I was tempted to come back in. But for whatever reason nobody called me. Know what it is man. That was what's so funny? Like, I get a lot of them. I mean had one about college or, you know, some always he's interested. He's going, you know, he wants a job at Miami. I'm like what? Now, take the doll. I want to go to the hurricanes Luis and Ed Reed. Yeah. You know? So to me, I got a pretty good gig right here do well. By the way, I feel like whenever you're doing your press conferences as you kind of. I mean, you teabag the entire league when you came in you became the instantly. The most undertaking human in the NFL, you became a face almost the NFL for most must see these jerks fans. TV though, anytime you got in front of a microphone, so I imagine ESPN's very excited to have you have you felt comfortable in it. Have you had is there a learning curve to being a TV guy? Like there was a learning curve. Like when I first went in there. My gosh, I never want to do it..

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