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Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is sharing how he feels the death of general Kissam so the money should be viewed we should welcome death and its complications of terror on terrorism industrial complex but we must remain vigilant a former national security adviser is ready to testify in the impeachment trial of president trump if the subpoena John Bolton said in a statement that after careful consideration he would be willing to testify Bolton previously said he would not testify before the house intelligence committee during its impeachment investigation unless she was subpoenaed and the judge ordered him to defy the White House Boeing will be paying American Airlines some of the revenue they lost because of the grounding of their seven thirty seven MAX airliners the exact amount has not been publicized by the airline but it says a thirty million dollar employee sharing fund will begin paying out starting next year Brian should again be seen newsradio over two hundred fifty thousand podcasts play here on the I heart podcast channel more podcasts after the tech roundup from NBC news Samsung announcing over the weekend that they'll be making an announcement about their next flagship phone next month in San Francisco the focus of the event will probably be about the new galaxy S. flagship phone which could get renamed from the galaxy S. eleven to the S. twenty to represent the year twenty twenty rumors suggesting that it upgraded foldable phone and a five G. phone could be on the way Amazon's fire TV streaming devices surpassing more than forty million active users that's a few more than the second most popular streaming video product company roku which at thirty two million active users in September Alexa will soon be riding shotgun in more cards it was on expanding its echo auto platform forming partnerships with Lamborghini in ready on also the latest version of the fire TV addition will be added into the car infotainment systems of future BMW's and fiat Chrysler and lastly drivers will soon be able to pay for gas at all eleven thousand Exxon and Mobil stations just by saying Alexei pay for gas tech report Larry Olson NBC news radio you're hearing one of over two hundred fifty thousand podcasts available to you right now all for free by downloading I heart radio this is the I heart podcast channel.

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