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Once stood. We have now recovered over £14 million of concrete and debris. Miami Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava says the recovery does continue until the remaining 31 people that are still unaccounted for. Are found. Thousands of Cubans are taking to the streets protesting the nation's communist government. Some of the biggest demonstrations in decades happening in cities across Cuba over the weekend, including Havana, Senator Marco Rubio says Cubans have been suffering from economic collapse, restrictions on civil liberties and the government's response to the covid 19 pandemic. These people are frustrated. They want to live in a normal country. They don't want to have their kids getting on rafts and having to leave the country in order to lead normal lives. Rubio warns, though, that the Cuban government may respond with bloodshed by blocking the Internet to prevent videos of that violence to be shared online. We'll all tough news radio 6 10 w i. O D at 702. Agents from the FBI and U. S Homeland Security have arrived in Haiti to help investigate last week's assassination of President Juvenal Voice. Haitian officials have arrested 63 year old doctor Christian Emanuel Sandhu on accusing him of playing a central role in the assassination. He lived here in South Florida. ABC is Andrew Denberg has more Having a connection problem there. But Hades, former first lady, who was critically injured in last week's attack, is reportedly recovering well after surgery this weekend at Ryder Trauma Center. She continues to have Police watch round the clock as this investigation does continue. It's coming up now on seven Oh, four. We turn our attention now to the coronavirus pandemic, which we are still living under this morning Flies are expected to talk about its covid vaccine booster today with federal health officials. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that they're not needed right now, but told CNN, maybe in the future. President Biden's top medical advisor also appeared on ABC yesterday, say many people might be waiting to get a shot. Until the vaccines switch from emergency used to fully approved. He predicts that that will happen, saying it's only a technical issue. A special meetings happening tonight in Key West s commissioners look into legal options after the governor signs a bill essentially overturning three referendums concerning cruises. Saying it takes power away from local government and the will of the people, Vice Mayor Sam Kaufman says it's not fair. The governor signed Senate Bill 11 94, overturning all the rules they want to implement. The state has preempted these issues and will not allow the locals to have control of the regulations for these things. The ordinances passing with 60% of the vote last November ban cruise ships with a capacity of more than 1300 passengers from disembarking at the key West port. Limit the total number of passengers disembarking to 1500 per day and give priority to companies with the best environmental records. Wendy Gershman, NewsRadio 6 10, W i, o D at 704 and a 90 year old Belgian woman is dead after becoming infected with two different strains of covid 19 at the same time. Scientists say the woman was hospitalized near Brussels when tests determined she contracted variants found in South Africa and the United Kingdom. The woman died five days after the diagnosis. Experts say she may have contracted the strains from two different People city of Miami's Emergency Rental Assistance program is reopening for applications this morning residents who have been financially impacted by the covid 19 pandemic. Can apply for up to 12 months of assistance for rent and utilities from the city of Miami. 705 Space X will soon be building a rocket engine factory near Waco, Texas, CEO Elon Musk announced the plan the facility to be built. McGregor will make Rafter two engines. The company already has a research and development facility in McGregor, where new engines and thrusters are developed, and final engines and components are tested. Musk says the new plant will build between 800 1000 engines per year and will be one of the most advanced rocket engine factories in the world. It is now nearly 76. And just halfway through the year, Florida's breaking its record for the annual number of manatee deaths. 841 manatees have died through the first six months of this year. And cleaning up does pay off. At least it did for one Jacksonville man. Kenneth Morgan was doing the chores around house and this happened over the Fourth of July weekend when he found a Powerball ticket stuck in a drawer. Luckily, he checked the numbers before tossing into the trash turns out that that quick pick he bought at a Publix liquor store was worth a million bucks, the 54 year old says. He is still in shock. More news at 7 37 06. I'm Natalie Rodriguez back to you, Jimi. All right. Thanks for much. Come up in Just a couple of minutes. The numbers of covid, Uh, cases of rising in the state of Florida. We're holding our own here in Miami Dade County in Broward County's but their across the state they are rising and we'll tell you all about that number vaccinations going down. Straight ahead at 7 12 Caravaggio's extend Wi O D because two heads Welcome in Clay, Travis and Buck Sexton are louder than one. Absolutely Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show today at noon on news radio. 6 10 double new I o d, Warm and human today partly sunny, scattered showers and storms this morning more later on this afternoon and into this evening high 88 77 Tonight Scattered mainly afternoon.

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