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After six people at the Daniel Webster Elementary School tested positive for the Corona virus. Parents were notified Saturday by email that read in part Unfortunately, we have to pause hybrid learning at the Daniel Webster School for a minimum of two weeks and shift all students and staff at that school to full remote learning This after six people at the elementary school in Marshfield tested positive for the Corona virus within the past five days. It's the right decision for this school. In the moment, Marshfield State representative Patrick Tierney agrees with the move to keep kids at home for at least two weeks. Explaining how a sports game led to the cove. It cluster. This incident due to contact tracing was not actually linked to being spread it school was being linked to a youth sports event that happened outside of the school district. Marshfield Public School Superintendent Jeffrey Grant itI know told parents. If all goes well, students can return to the classroom part time on the 26th. The decision to switch back to hybrid learning will be revisited during the week of October. 19th October 12th. Tomorrow is the day the Senate will take up the confirmation of Amy Cockney Barrett to the Supreme Court. It is expected to be a battle on Capitol Hill. ABC is Alex Boucher brings us an overview of what the next couple days may bring us Monday will serve as an introduction, but expect fireworks on Tuesday when senators have their first real chance to question Judge Barret. Now this will be hotly contested. Democrats don't have Outright numbers to block her confirmation, but expect questions from them on her stances for Robie Wade and also the Affordable Care Act. Many women seem to be giving up their jobs during covert 19. ABC is Yoon Hee Han has more 865,000 women dropped out of the workforce last month. Compared to 216,000 men. The fallout for women was more than 661,000 jobs, the economy added, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing a deepening female recession. The start of school in September, putting pressure on balancing childcare for many moms who are more than three times as likely to be responsible for Children and heterosexual relationships that, according to a report by Lean in Unity on ABC News, the study also found one in four women are thinking about downsizing their careers. Or leaving their jobs due to covert 19. It's for 51.

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