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I cannot give any hints unless you're officially using your head even then only the hannah already of written out. Okay i'm not gonna use my hint foolish to throw that throw that and chestnut away so quickly that advantage I'm going to say no good deed as the movie. You're correct is no good deed for that out was somewhere in the deep reaches of my book. So that is one point two elliott in that case i t t to back up to reinforce the point of the of the game until you mentioned that mr the until you mentioned told me sorry. Start thinking about it. I did forget we have seen that movie. I still don't know you're talking about all right. I watch it you were i think. Yeah i i made top ten of the year. What i tried to make sure i made a mistake online. I try to make sure at the website that that all of these movies were not. Once we're one of you were going because of a guest. What i don't remember but you really loved it. You said it was. You said it was up above all the other releases that year. Yeah a so. I also forgot to tell you that i have arranged these in reverse chronological episode order. The earlier ones have been more recent. Theoretically things will get harder as we progress so call it they call it. The backwards mccoy So okay here's one for you. Stewart a university professor and a team a weight. Yeah that's the right one. So i'm university. Professor and a team of students conduct an experiment on a young woman uncovering terrifyingly dark unexpected forces in the process. Fuck is that The zet like deadly lessons the adventures of simon conjurer. I'm afraid that Was deadly lessons elliott. Would you like to try and steal this. I don't remember the title. But i think that's the one we're roger bart was the professor and it turns out..

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