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Wanna key wisconsin distilled spirits. It's crazy how much we have to pay for outdated impersonal healthcare and even crazier that we all just accepted. It's time to face facts. Healthcare is backwards. Luckily there's forward a new approach to primary care that surprisingly personal and refreshingly straightforward forward never makes you feel like just another patient backed by top rated doctors and the latest tech forward gives you access to personalized care whenever you need it using in-depth genetic analysis in real time bloodwork forwards top-rated. Doctors provide you with in-depth insights to better understand your genetics mental and physical health day then create custom easy to understand plans to help guide you to achieving long-term health with forward you get unlimited in person visits with your doctor and access to care anytime via the forward app offer. One flat monthly fee. It's time to stop accepting backwards. Healthcare and start moving. Your health forward visit go forward dot com today to learn more. That's go forward dot com. Summer brings those priceless moments where you can just kick back with some friends. Grab a few cold ones. I was at the ballpark with my buddies. Just the other day and life doesn't get better than the ball game and a couple of brews. You deserve more moments just to do you where you don't have to pretend you're craving fancy schmancy drake when what you really want is a great tasting beer. That won't fill you up so when you're craving good vibes and great memories grab your friends and the taste you can depend on miller lite everything changes but you can still depend on the taste of miller lite is the original lie beer and that's not changing anytime soon miller lite has been the light appear with the great taste since nineteen seventy five and this is what makes it an easy choice so next time you get ready to enjoy cold ones with the crew goethe miller lite dot com forward slash rob parker to find delivery options near you or you can pick up some miller lite pretty much anywhere. They sell beer. It's miller time celebrate responsibly. Miller brewing company milwaukee wisconsin ninety-six calories and three point two cards per twelve ounces. Let me ask you about the. Milwaukee brewers who are running away with the nl central eight and a half game lead as of wednesday. What where to brewers. They came from. They had a good team. But i don't think they'd run away with the central u. Surprise i am a little surprised Not now having seen some of the way that they're young pitchers developed their starting rotation is is probably the best if i had to say at least at the best in the national league and maybe even the best in all the major leagues and he took it looking at their starting rotation and then when you got hater and i think williams the back end. You're you're talking about high end. Pitching they did a nice job of adding position. Players cold longs had a really good season. They've made some nice moves did it kinda supplemented their offense but their their in house. Pitching that they've developed is turned out to be super high end. And it's it's good. They're going to be a tough out. I would say if i had to pick a national league representative right now For the world series. I i think i would go with with. The milwaukee brewers just because of their pitching amazing. His name is matt holliday. To former majorly outfielder. Also the outfield coach at oklahoma state madman. Thanks for your knowledge man. We appreciate you on the podcast. Extra time it's time for the pocket. Protector century the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name. Bs analytics is his gay. What do you got for me. Anthony with about six weeks left in the regular season. We're starting to see the playoff races begin to take shape the reds there. Surging the padres. They're flailing the yankees. Well they can't be stopped but what's most important going forward could end up being each teams remaining schedule. The dodgers are chasing the giants still but they play each other only three more times a week in series at the beginning of september. The yankees only have one more series each with their division rivals red sox and rays while the al west might come down to the astros and as playing each other on each of the season's final two weekends the wild card race however could be the most intriguing of them all the giants. Dodgers are pretty much locked into the first spot but cincinnati in san diego. We'll be fighting to the finish however the rest of the way. The padres have the toughest remaining schedule based on opponent. Win percentage at five seventy a full thirty five points tougher than the next closest team arizona. They have a but in her final twelve games by the way play. The giants braves dodgers the reds on. The other hand had the second easiest schedule left at four sixty seven opponent when percentage ten of their final twelve games are in pittsburgh and washington by the way only philly as it easier than the red legs. However don't count out the friars just yet this season. The padres are thirty. Two and twenty two against against teams five hundred or better the best mark in the national league and only behind houston in all of baseball. These final six weeks are going to be phone was a big week in the big leagues for is fair and now from. Mlb bro dot com. Here's jr gamble. Miguel cabrera became the twenty eight member of baseball's distinguish five hundred home run club. Jr is if ow or is it fair to say he's the last five hundred homer guy. The mlb will see in a long time. That's how that is a foul. Of course you had the young bombers like tat t's junior flag guerrero junior. Who almost definitely will get in about fifteen years or more but i did come up with to legitimate names. That should get there. Pretty soul nelson cruz. Who is forty two. But he rakes like he's twenty one still and believe it or not. He needs fifty seven. More home was to get to five hundred boy. He really crept up on us. Only two men however have hit even thirty five career home or starting in their age. Forty one season bath in fists with fifty three and barry bonds who at fifty four so no one ever even gun would cruised attempting to do but despite his age crews have twenty six homers. This season so age is definitely just a number any spill cooking so i see him banging down these last fifty seven pretty easily over the next couple years. Believe.

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