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I mean, as young story Anderson used to hide behind the hand house to to watch the hymns to see where chickens where the eggs came from. I, that's why I hid in a small stuffy in house waiting for a hand to come in. I waited for hours apparently which I think most full year old probably wouldn't have that. I guess that was bone. You know, curiosity and fortunate to have an amazing mother who supported my interest. And although she was really worried because I was lost before our, she didn't get angry when finally rushed towards the house all excited and you know, different kind of mother might have crushed that a curiosity and I might not have done what I've done. You know back when you went to Africa, that was kind of unusual for a single woman to go. So you were you ordered to bring your mother. Did your mother volunteer to go with you on this trip? What a great mom? Well, the first time I went, she didn't come that when I met Louis Leakey, I went on my own and I was invited by school friend. I was out there for about one and hoffy is, and that was when Leakey ASTA if I would do it, and then then there was a yet to wait while he found the money and I hadn't been to college. You see? So it was hard to. Find anyone who had faith in this crazy idea. And then the British authorities in what was then Tanganyika the crumbling remains of the British empire. They refused to meet to go on my own, and that's when mom volunteer had I think leaky to our alma bit because he wanted someone who wouldn't compete with me or, you know. So anyway, she came for four months. Amazing. What an amazing mom. Gene Jane. I have a question about kind of the preservation of different species when I was a kid. I, I had a grade school teacher that was very opposed to zoos. And when I was in her class that year, she wouldn't allow me to go to the zoo. She wouldn't let her class go at all and wondered how you see the role of zoos as either partners or do you see them more as problematic in preserving primates in the wild on the fleet? Depends on the, you know, there are some cleats that I would never do like Wales adults, and fortunately that's beginning to to get through to people elephants shouldn't be into either because you know that that big in the who isn't a place for them, but they're all getting better and better that educating people. They have great education programs. The putting money and people actually into conservation in the wild am. I know so many people now in conservation who say, well, when I was small, I went and so these animals in the sue and watch them for hours a new I had to grow up and help them. It depends on the sue and the animal, and I've seen exhibits where chimpanzees have large appropriate groups. They have lots of enrichment, which is the main problem with us. You know, the animals get bold, kept people who understand the needs and you know, I think they have a pretty good life. We got to take a quick break..

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