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Its. CEO Elon Musk of artificially manipulating the company stock and hurting other, tesla, securities as collateral. Damage the Mercury News reports that Calman Isaac has followed up. Filed rather a lawsuit seeking class action, status which alleges the company committed securities. Fraud that lawsuit stems from must tweet last week saying that he was considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars per, share and that funding was secured in the. Lawsuit ISAACs argues that tesla and musket did not address details of the alleged. Funding, well the cable TV industry is getting killed by cord. Cutters six people a minute are pulling the plug that according to a new, report we get the story from KCBS, reporter Mike. Cogan you know how it is you get like four hundred, channels but there's nothing to. Watch it's just not that much on you just flip the channels and there's nothing Interesting instead of paying eighty five, bucks a, month for cable Gina. Cut the cord subscribing and said a Netflix Hulu for sixteen a month there's. A lot of movies on Netflix and there's a lot of shows, where, you can watch. Full seasons and full full series all the way from the. Beginning to the end whenever you want, to it's not a certain time it's. Just whenever you want to flip on the internet and watch it Doug analyst rob Enderle says the only way for the cable, industry to survive is to evolve into other. Areas they could provide security services for the home they could provide IOT controls. All, this internet of things stuff isn't working very well and. The cable company could provide the kind of logic and crew troll structure could, allow you to do that better I, mean they. Control the setup boxes for years of this moved into a, different venue but in terms. Of programming that ship sailed by Holden KCBS KCBS news time nine forty three Walgreens has. You covered with a trusted summer essentials you need no.

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