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This week David. Yeah McKay. Bataille tired ad spend the day in the hospital yesterday it gets my daughter suspect illness which turned out to be nothing it was while. It's nothing serious nothing Siri yet it could have been either appendicitis or an infection tenants being. Like. Well, it's not as it's nothing serious. Now, if it was two hundred years ago, disinfection could have turned into a life or death situation. That, that's true and. I look at stuff like that. Sometimes people go. Oh, it was nothing. It was this diarrhea killed more people two hundred years ago than almost anything. Yeah. Now Little Hill and we're fine. Yeah. As, well, the the other thing is that it meant going into all spill in the covid situation, which is interesting, but they actually had that really well sorted now, they just my dentist I told you that you know I had some dental work done some pretty serious dental work and you know before you even walk in the building, they're coming out to take your temperature and asking you some questions and. Exactly what they did for us and I like that to be on it I, want to I'm not worried about me because I take my temperature for two days and actually might temperatures usually lower than the average human I don't know what's up with that I'm usually under. Like I've been at ninety, six six. Ninety, six, ninety, seven, one, the the I read I read something A. Couple of a couple of months back. They said actually they think that the Average, shall we use his wrong because it went when it was when when it was first taken, the thermometers went as accurate. They either win is accurate and also the changes in temperature that everyone goes through during the day wouldn't really understood so. You know nowadays I find that unless. I mean, they weren't even talk about you being favorite unless it's like at least one half degree centigrade above the national averages But this was one of the things yesterday's that Charlotte had had a temperature. So they were very cautious with as they. She had a separate one, they put anybody. Even though is irony assessment triage and all that they they put on the separate ward and a separate room for anybody who had a temperature in cases of Covid here say they went mixing all the people good. One of those people that you don't have code, but you've got an infection like she does now you're put on the word with other people covet now no this this was this was the yeah. But the when it was award, it's all separate rooms. It's Ashi on award way share that was precisely the thing normally in accent in the UK, you go to a Sadler as you've seen them on the other side, those cubicles with the curtains that come around but you know actually physically separated from the other people. That's where you would normally go for accent emergency that because of covid they base anyone in temperature goes into a world where we have separate rooms for everybody. And and that basically Yukon can't go anywhere until I tell you can go. So you all complete gaslight did not have to se. `Ok never seen all spills cleaned. Enough spent a of time in all spills with my kids over the years and. The. Cleaning regime has really been up which is. A good thing that be they should awards been not really. Really clean here in the US. Yeah. The no hidden here. Are they they switch trim? They switch from the nurses cleaning them about twenty five years ago to contract cleaners and the way contract cleaning. Gaza courses the goes to the contract cleaning with the lowest price and then you get the people who are. The least interested in doing a good job and so you end up with lousy cleaning. It's A. Cleaning and hospitals always been a very serious thing here in the US. I'm sure there are some older hospitals that aren't the best but most of the hospitals that I've ever been in. I've always been exceptionally clean. Yeah. So anyway on. Cutlass. Let's talk about some geeky stuff. This is Let's stick with Kobe situation going on. This is kind of bothered me. There's a there's a move new movie coming out. called. Tenant. And had spy Christopher Nolan looks very interesting and let's be honest. Christopher Nola makes great movies. No question yeah. I don't WanNa say he's the modern day Steven Spielberg I. Don't think that's quite what he does. But he does make blockbusters in their the thinking man's movies for the most part. They tend to I mean he's much more involved in the rising creation process and just being the director wrote and so he's project for Star and yes, he does have stuff that tends to be. The cerebral or even if it's popcorn in's taken, it has it has a depth to that many other movies don't have and obviously you know he's responsible for the Batman. The BATMANS, their revised Batman series stuff like Dunkirk, which was a you know a very you know very different. I mean everyone praised the the world will we saw last year? What was I was? Nineteen Something, anyway I never watched which. which was shot in real time or was shot as if it was unreal. I ate well, it's not but it it. It presents an illusion that it is and it's very cleverly done and all of this thing and they do skip forward by using you know people being unconsciousness or thing, but it's a great to be honest with you emptiness. Great. Great movie. But dunker catch Lee kind of did something a little bit similar earlier in the they present he present the whole story of Dunkirk from three people's viewpoints and every time you see them, it's kind of moving in real time and the interlinking between different peoples very cleverly done. Here that they used to to do it and it was really clever. Yeah. Yeah, and it had it had. What's his name? The Guy Played Bane? The Tom Tom Hardy Tom. Hardy. Wearing a mask and speaking through a mosque and that's always good entertainment site. So I think..

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