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Formed a former judges are Representative of communities of color organization of the formerly incarcerated at a behavioral health, specialist edgy Dow fears her father's killer. We'll get out with this new board as citizens we rely on our Justice system to make decisions that not only punish an offender for his or her crime. But to keep us safe from repeat offenses Bill passed Democrats leading four to three. Now, it goes onto a budget committee before a chance of going to the full Senate floor. Komo police in Snohomish county are asking for help finding a burglar that has hit a dozen homes in the past month. More from komo's Suzanne fog Telea valley's didn't realize there was a break in just a few doors from her. Yes. At her home. She has four surveillance cameras. Yes. I how many cameras for any communist in the house. Police are hoping that everyone was surveillance video can check their cameras for suspicious activity and know that the burglars been hitting homes in a similar way from four to eight PM at night. Authorities say the burglar is in and out pretty fast. They're going through back windows, either breaking them or finding a way in and really looking for jewelry small items as far as that goes. And bypassing other items that you might think would be pretty hot burglary from these areas that have been hit around Edmonds would way highschool police think a few of the burglaries may have been interrupted by homeowners as they came back to their houses. Everett's Paine field is going to host. Its first commercial passenger flights coming up at the beginning of March and komo's CARA it just got an early look at the brand new terminal. United Airlines and Alaska Airlines preparing to set up. Shop six kiosks ready to go and it beautiful desks for the concierge for passengers. We'll play in the. Perfect Puget Sound excursions passenger service. Here has been years in the making is also come with controversy at one time local leaders word odds over the idea, then there was lack of support by neighbors concerned over increased air traffic, our belief is that once it starts. Nobody's gonna notice Alaska and United Airlines will serve the two terminal.

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