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I kind of like all of them. I'm not. I'm not the biggest emmy. Take a horror movie guy i mean. I've probably seen a pretty good chunk of for movies. But they're not like something. I seek out or go to the theater for for the most part but and see the guys who created these movies also created the insidious so i kind of consider them to be very closely related and i think what's really compelling about these movies. I know we're not even talking about him but we are kind of. What's really compelling about them. Is i feel like they are. They're done in such a way where they're not horribly unbelievable and i think that that makes them crappier and it makes them more compelling from a stories. Yeah i would agree with that. So yeah but this is another movie. This is something totally different. So forget that tangent we were just on. That might happen more but for now. We'll move on so for the rest of kind of going over the story i'm gonna quote a an article from nbc connecticut. And i'm going to be quoting the rain quite a bit. The reason for that is. Because i want her words to speak in this moment. Because i want to say something. That isn't what she intended. So lorraine's basic response to the synopsis of the movie is that the movie is very very loosely based on the actual investigation. So let's just say lorraine didn't like this movie. She actually didn't like at all she actually went on to say. You don't know how many phone calls. I'm getting it's embarrassing. Do you know the amount of time and effort we put into that case. Do you know how many meetings with the clergy. We had to finally bring closure to that family so suffice to say she was not happy with the way. This movie tells the story. Ah which is odd. Because she is very involved up until she passed away. She was very involved in the conjuring series and trying to help them..

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