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Institutions align environmental social or faithbased goals with their investments more from casey clark at two one five four one nine six one one six wnyc local public affairs reporting is supported in part by the new york community trust helping charitable new york make a lasting difference i'm stephen dubner on the next freakonomics radio what is the stupidest thing you could do with your money it's a tax on smart people don't realize their propensity for doing stupid things wall street's nightmare how to be less stupid with money that's next time freakonomics radio saturday afternoon at four on ninety three point nine fm wnyc this is midday on wnyc and i'm back with new yorker staff writer dexter filkins dexter let's talk about jared kushner what's his relationship with them bs it's pretty fascinating they they they never knew each other before the inauguration nbs and kushner but you know they're they're both they're both kind of young princes they they you know roughly the same age they both grew up very in a very privileged circumstances ten they're both suddenly in positions of great power and so when when the inauguration happened in washington nbs came to the white house and he was one of the first foreign visitors to to meet the president but he christner kind of hit it off and and then kushner has since made several visits to the middle east and they've kind of together they've kind of it's pretty clear they've they've talked a lot about their vision for the region and so a lot of things have been happening in the middle east and there and i think it's fair to say it's a result of this kind of intense kind of friendship and comradeship that to jared kushner nbs appear to have for them and so is one of the things came that came out of it this summit in riyadh in may of two thousand seventeen well yes i mean that was one of the moments when they when they got together but but what happened in the riyadh summit it's it's really interesting it was it was donald trump's first visit abroad and he went to riyadh the capital saudi arabia and brought together every muslim country in the.

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