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All right. You don't when Kanye went up on stage after Hurricane Katrina. And did the George Bush doesn't care about black people think he was a big hero for that big hero for that? Because the Democrats were painting, George W Bush as a racist because of the hurricane you may remember. Now democrat c Ray Nagin was the mayor of New Orleans at the time. And he's now we're not gonna use that Amtrak train to evacuate people. We're not gonna use school buses to evacuate people. In fact, we're going to leave those below water level, and let them be destroyed. We're gonna stay in party. We're going to stay party and its party now is a democrat. And then the mayor catha excuse me, the Guvener Kathleen Blanco who ended up on the ground crying in the fecal position. She wouldn't let the federal government in and she screwed up everything completely botched everything meanwhile, helicopters coastguard, and so on rescuing people all over the place national guard federal government action and. And then they wanted to blame George Bush for the hurricane. They wanna blame. George Bush for the Democrats evacuating they wanted to blame George Bush for everything that I wanted to call George Bush racist. So so cognac came out, and he helped with that caused George Bush doesn't care about black people. George Bush doesn't care about black people. That was the that was two point. Oh, now, we're on eight point nine or something like that. And that's fine. But then you may remember last year the hurricane that went through Puerto Rico and the Democrats decided that they would try to make Donald Trump out to be a racist. Because a hurricane hit Puerto Rico networks so well with Katrina in New Orleans that they just trotted out that old play and ran it against Donald Trump. Oh, you're a race. You don't care about Brown people. And then you may remember what was the number sixty four people were killed in the hurricane until in Puerto Rico until George Washington University. Sunk their teeth and intuitive bunch of white liberals inside the beltway. They've figured out. How many people really died in Puerto Rico during hurricane and it was times. What was it times forty six? I think right. It was whatever the real number was times forty six and they multiplied, and they had almost three thousand I think it was two thousand nine hundred and seventy five deaths that's from memory so to hold me to it. But I think that's what George Washington University came up with nearly three thousand dead when in reality. But Puerto Rico said they had sixty four that were killed. And and and and it was just it was just great. It was the playbook. Well, he doesn't care because how dare he throw paper towels to people who are yelling throw me, those paper towels and the news media's very upset about that. They they wet their panties over that. That was just the men and and very upset. And now we've had hurricane Michael go through. And I don't know what they are still formulating. The media are the response to all of this my pants. But I think they're going to have to find a way as I understand it way. Now, the I think official count of number of people killed and hurricane Michael is eleven is eleven and I assume that the Democrats will go to George Washington University asked them to multiply by Forty-six and come up with a new number for that. Except here. I guess we know how to count it's, you know. And I think the Democrats the soft bigotry of low expectation, they think well Brown people in Puerto Rico. They don't know how to count we'll count for them. We'll count it's the honestly they just they hold everyone in such low regard. There's such racists. I also have a Matthew Shepard story that I hope to get to today..

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