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Happened. So i think it's inevitable a for us it's gonna be jumping the queue to some degree. I guess it's how much we jumped by the question. I asked that question once. Essential workers and others in vulnerable groups are vaccinated will athletes then be first in line. Will they be prioritized over the non vulnerable general public via email. They declined to comment the i. o. C.'s expected to share more tactics to safeguard the tokyo olympics. Next week for the world. I'm being a hillier and one. More olympic related note to share the is upping its commitments in the fight against climate. Change it setting a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by forty five percent by the of the decade. Ioc president thomas bach made the announcement yesterday. In addition to reducing our emissions. We will offset more than one hundred percent of our remaining carbon emissions. The is doing this. Through the olympic forest project combating desertification in africa hell region within three years. The says it will actually be removing more carbon from the air. Then it emits and we're not just talking wonky numbers here. The olympics have a massive and the cities are using their bullhorn to show off. They can do at next year's winter games in beijing. All the venues are aiming to run on one hundred percent renewable energy faster higher stronger and now greener so let's talk about how carbon offsets exactly work like the one i ac- president thomas bach mentioned. That's on the agenda in our weekly look at climate change.

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