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Early Saturday morning officers pulled over the suspect Nathaniel David Rowland. He was driving. The impact of the police had been looking for he fled on foot before officers caught him further examination determined that. There was what appeared to be blood present in the car. Officers also found window. Cleaner bleach and the victims cell phone. Hundreds of people held a vigil at the university of South Carolina last night in memory of the young woman, dueling rallies and demonstrations in Chicago today week after charges were dropped against empire. Actor jussie smollet ABC's Ryan burrow is in Chicago. With more Reverend Jesse Jackson will lead a demonstration in support of cook. County state's attorney Kim FOX following her decision to drop charges against jussie smollet. Meanwhile, the fraternal order of police plans to hold its own rally protesting the decision Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson says his relationship with the state's attorney has not been frayed. Listen, I've never said anything derogatory towards Kim FOX Cam, FOX. And I have a great relationship. We know we have we are partner in the crime fighting in the city of Chicago, Johnston says seeking one hundred thirty thousand dollars restitution from smollet for the investigation is a legitimate asked. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Chicago r Kelly's attorneys are in court asking prosecutors to turn over communications from Michael a naughty who represented some of the women accusing Kelly. Of sexual abuse attorney. Steven Greenberg tells us what the media's hearing was all about today, we filed a motion asking to preserve all communications with any witness, please prosecutor.

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