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Is sponsored by lows pros do it right by shopping at Lowe's to save on the supplies they need most from the brands they trust to get the job done you would write for less start with lows Danny Sullivan KTAR news mostly cloudy today and at times tomorrow as a storm passes to our southwest the high reaches fifty eight today with a low forty five tonight then sixty three for a high on new year's eve with partly cloudy skies and a high of sixty one for new year's day I'm a B. C. fifteen meteorologist iris Emma seal it is seven thirty to forty one degrees in mesa the search for why a man opened fire during Sunday service in the Dallas fort worth area church continues this morning ABC's Marcus Morris more from white settlement Texas live stream video captures the moment a gunman wearing a dark hoodie emerges from a back pew drawing is gone and firing inside this Texas church during Sunday morning service six seconds into the shooting two members of the church security team returned fire hitting the government dropping to the ground inside the church at least five other parishioners pulled out hand guns close to falling down one man kicks away his gun and picks it up to church course and the gunmen were killed the suitors described as having local routes but is being relatively transient he appeared to be wearing a fake beard and a wig the man suspected of stabbing five people are rabbis Hanukkah celebration in New York has entered an initial plea after this weekend's attack a B. C. Stephanie Rameau's as more appearing in court in a white plastic jumpsuit the suspect is now charged with five counts of attempted murder overnight Thomas's family releasing a statement saying Grafton Thomas has a long history of mental illness and hospitalizations he has no history of violent acts and no convictions for any crime he has no no history of anti semitism new York's governor is calling it an act of domestic terrorism it was a great start to winter in the Arizona high country with flagstaff getting almost twenty inches of snow last week negative or the National Weather Service says this is very welcome after five seven the driest month soon they've ever seen precipitation especially you know not coming all at once coming with multiple storm systems it's been active over the last month like samples that forty four inches of snow this fall and winter that's about two feet above normal Katie a our eyes on the economy valley economist daily politics is the odds of a recession and twenty twenty have been severely reduced the trade war with China seems to be getting resolved and this progress on the U..

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