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He got he got in the inside made it rough and started using his body on a little bit judgment in. Do that whenever you're the bigger man in your someway nick lynch you gotta get the man and you gotta mantle. You got to put your weight on them. You've got a minimum feel your your strength your size. Let the referee warned you about that. Not so wrestle. Not simply owner not to ben but sue late. Leads already absorbed that so. That's one thing just we didn't do that. You're sore had success. Doing if he looks back. You can look at the job more jobs or by shot more wrestling more clinching. More getting them against the ropes making it a dirty fight so he's But he can go back to the drawing-board look once he looks at this fight and it's not even it's not even dirty to lean on a guy it's just kinda using a tactic tyson. Fury does that all the time. I what he did that to steve cunningham. He did it. A deontay wilder even leaned on him and sap the strength of wilders legs forcing him to hold up that three hundred pound frame whatever he is. That's a tactic. yeah right. Anthony joshua needs to utilize by the way speaking of fury. What do you think tyson. Fury was thinking as he watched alexander basic dismantle. Anthony joshua i think he was thinking. Imagine what i would imagine. I'm thinking i think he's right counting money they'll go there goes ten million. Twenty million. dairy doesn't fight for money. He's he's the type of guy everybody plays for money when it comes to the gypsy king you know damn well he fights for pride he fights for that he i mean he comes from that from that background so he knows that it's ego and pride and and proving that he's the best. He's done that. But i think more it's about what. What can fury syria. Some excellent boxing skills to and he's way bigger and longer and stronger than new sick. So that's what i think. He was thinking if opec a small version. We can do this. Imagine what i would do. Dobbin fury with his boxing skills. You'd make a huge favourite against joshua based on on what what we saw there but man he's gotta be now fury if he beats deontay wilder which is a tough fight. We shouldn't discount deontay while the chances now he's maybe looking at a billion white fight and crossing his fingers and hopes that joshua wins rematch. I don't know man. That's that flight could be another one that winds up in the wastebasket of boxing fights. That never actually happen. Which we're favorites your favorite wastebasket. By the way. I i hate everything about that last. Thought on joshua. Like eddie hearn's said afterwards they're going to go into an immediate rematch. They're going to check on the eye of joshua harnett some concerns about. Maybe an eye socket potentially being broken. Do you see him recovering from this fight physically. Absolutely i think physically the the warriors gonna wanna come back to the ring as fast as possible you know. I'd like to say the bigger the eagle the bigger the fire a bigger chip on the shoulder. They're gonna have so you know josh. We're gonna wanna come back asap. And if he's cleared..

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