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The perimeter, what they've been able to do making up stuff in the run game, devonta Freeman had really good games in this stretch since he's been lead back. The offensive lines played well, even through some injury issues on the right side. And yet, Lamar Jackson there he is. Every time they get into a rough situation, he has the ability, whether it's through his arm through his running through his reads through manipulating a defense over the course of two or three drives, setting things up for later in conjunction with what Greg Roman's doing and the trust that Harbaugh has in a I think this is a dangerous team. I know their losses were impressive, the Cincinnati loss in the second half was really bad. They were bad on defense and they still have some struggles. But offensively, that's one of the best things I've seen. Individual like chunks of a game or a team or whatever, the Baltimore offense last week has me convention. All right, final thought before we say goodbye to you here. What's it like for you in Chicago now? Second year on the gig, have you noticed it? Have you noticed more people noticing you? A little bit. Mostly in the context of being in the arena and more than anything else, but the guy at pot bellies knows me. That's cool. You know, toss toss in oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, every once in a while, and be like, hey, man, we call the other night. Love that. It's funny. I don't know, I don't know how you felt like you were like what Boston for 7 years or whatever it was. I don't know if you felt it at any point while you're walking around. I don't really feel it when I'm just walking around, but when you're in the context of the building, postgame pre game, you're like, hey, man, saw you on the football game the other day or they want to talk pools or whatever it is. Yes, you can definitely sense that feel that a little bit more, but not like other than the free cookie, which I'm really, really happy with. Again, I can not emphasize how happy I am with the free cookie. I don't really like, I don't think that's a thing yet. And I don't need it to be, but if it does, we'll deal with it when it comes. I didn't have the connection to Boston that you would probably have to Chicago. I did, you know, I lived there for 7 years. Everybody thinks to me is like this Boston guy, but if you actually be in for Martha's Vineyard. It's not. It's not. By the way, I feel weird that I know that about you because I don't know if I've ever told you this. You're a very interesting character in my life just because like what you guys do. So I listen to podcasts just going to sleep because it's easier for me to fall asleep, and I'll listen to the same one. I get a lot of that. I listen to you when I fall asleep. That town the town podcast where you're throwing a hundred the whole the whole time. That's like an easy thing for me to just be like, this is nice comfort food. I'm gonna fall asleep. She play an interesting role in my life. And obviously we worked at the same place even the world really connected necessarily, but like we knew of one another and respected each other and you've just always been an interesting character in my life. I feel like Chicago is a big neighborhood. You know, it has more of a neighborhood feel. We're in New York City is defined by the neighborhoods inside of the city. And I'm not, look, I get it. There's different sections. And if you're like any other big city, but it always felt a little bit more neighborhood to me, maybe I have that wrong. But when I never had anything like, look, I was an analyst. I was lucky to even be on the studio show, giving my takes on whether or not Al Jefferson was going to be a Hall of Famer. So my name is Al Jefferson, and I get buckets Al Jefferson. I love big gal. I love it. Didn't, you know, there'd be big nights and we'd come back to the studio. And I'd be like, oh, these are pretty good, but whatever. And I just, I think when you were part of I think one of the coolest things you can have in this job and I've talked about this with other people in that, if I were a great basketball college or college coach, I should put it this way. If I were a great basketball football coach, I think I'd rather be a college coach because I would love to be a part of community for that long to feel like now these guys are all getting fired every three years. But if you were good enough to say, I am connected to this place the way Sabin is with Bama, the way K was would do or Roy or a dabo who's a younger guy with Clemson? I am part of this. And when you're The Voice of a franchise in a city or a franchise means this much, I just think there's a connection beyond anything that anybody there's other people are going to get recognized and all this stuff. But they are spending 80 nights a year with you for two and a half hours and you are part of this thing that they care about so much. And I think that's like the coolest thing. I don't know what your long-term goals are. I'm sure you're going to want to go national to do all the big stuff. And if you get enough doing World Series down there, you know what I mean? I get it. But there's something to be said of here I am. I'm home and I'm doing this at this age and I'm going to be identified by narrating history of a franchise that's one of the most important in the history of the game. So it's a perfect storm type of thing, though, too. I do feel that. Everything you said is a 100% accurate..

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