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Shady Grove road headed toward the lane to lane divides whites very closed today due to high water and debris on the Potomac Jack Taylor WTOP traffic clear hopefully getting ready to warm up this morning let's get your storm team four four day forecast now from Chuck bill yeah we will have a nice little amount of warming today not a whole lot in the way of sunshine skies be partly sunny to at times mostly cloudy right now temperatures are mostly in the twenties and thirties it's still twenty seven in Manassas Virginia but it's already up to thirty eight in Reston Virginia thirty eight in Arlington Virginia and up in the Maryland ago thirty nine right now from Rockville to College Park forecast hi today forty nine degrees not bad a couple degrees warmer than average and no rain to worry about with any of these clouds it'll say partly to mostly cloudy overnight there will be a little cold front coming through just about the time the sun comes up tomorrow morning that'll make tomorrow a breezy your day the cold air will lack a little bit behind so tomorrow morning will be right around thirty to thirty five degrees first thing ties tomorrow forty seven so a little cooler not a whole lot from today but breeze you're for sure tomorrow that will lead to increasing amounts of sunshine for Wednesday and Thursday but lower temperatures highs on Wednesday and Thursday will only be right around forty degrees and those mornings will all be below freezing next chance for any rain and will be rain not snow doesn't roll in here until probably the weekend but even that is not a guarantee at this point in time I'm from him for awhile just Chuck bell for WTOP Chuck thank you it's eight fifty two survivors of all through its death camper gathering today for commemorations marking the seventy fifth anniversary of the Soviet armies liberation of the camp the survivors testimony warns about the signs of rising anti semitism and hatred in the world today in all more than two hundred survivors are expected most of the one point one million people murdered at the camp in Poland by **** German forces were Jewish but among those in prison were also poles and Russians investigators and journalists in the U. K. have reportedly uncovered.

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