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Points they destroyed them in in the turnover department and in transition points as well points off those turnovers and that's the difference i mean when you're you're stars outscored the other guys the other stars it really comes down to ball move fast break points and those points off turnovers that's what it comes down to even though it's not sort of sexy to talk about it and mike tony set i mean we just have to be better getting back and then rotating harder trevor rees of pg tucker about muti only scored a combined nine points as well said the stars hard was awesome chris paul is still solid but those guys in that they played seventy five total minutes a reason it was foul trouble but they're going to need those guys those guys were big at times in the in the series like obviously tucker was on fire from three they're gonna need those points they really are but defensively they gotta figure out they gotta make these other guys try and shoot at least i got it's tough it's tough and that's what i almost think maybe embalm okay won't play anymore because he's out there for defense and all switches he's ending on guarding v least important guy on the other side of the court and then he's going what over six most of misleads in this game so i don't know you guys know offense i think honestly the rockets aren't going to stop the warriors so they should try to outscore them and that comes down to not playing by mugabe because he's not going to score pj tucker has to make some shots he's got to make some shots i think he's a little bit more valuable just me he gives you a little more toughness and a little more girth underneath shorter he's taking kevin durant guard kevin durant ido but sort of makes more sense on though is the problem darting another guy brought him out there they brought gerald green up to start the second half as the first guy the bench instead of day they told tim mcmahon after the game my shoulder doesn't feel good and i don't trust it.

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