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Not really passed so it makes little village just doesn't commit to for me sixty minute now really winding way through the full in defense goodfeet ballance i mean he's just don't fall into ruins a room going to make a good save really involved in this one volley hits the hand of dennis annoy no handball from the those enclose that play kind of turns his back i don't think it's a penalty i agree sixty third minute relig going on carney this was only a yellow but guy should have been read oh why right oh right oh it's another one yellow for a door here ready to go yellow why why are you making a challenge late this and then full stretch tricks the weight stri polish through as well eighty nine th minute free kick here snodgrass real good chance for villa fires at wide and boom going to the premier league i i sense that you were set is that a pretty good week party in the family okay i'm here recover hey cool thing over dsp nfc dot com your world cup predictive that's right the group phase all the way to the final you can make your picks and see how you stack up against all your buddies and all the socalled experts here espn se here fail had himself a final just take couple minutes after coming onto the game he does this reaction senate dan says it all boy eventual gamewinner too i'm not normally at fun of these i will tell you that he is.

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