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Island for that long I mean poor Gilligan without toilet paper Hornets well actually what what would be like stock on let's just say a ship for maybe a couple months because that happened to a valley road resident and she's joining us right now we cannot Madden is our gas she was stuck aboard the royal Caribbean freedom of the seas and she was floating off the shore of Barbados for two months we cannot welcome back to the valley how are you thank you I'm great how are you we're good so you worked for the cruise line and my first question is why couldn't you come home for two months why were you stuck on board the ship for two months basically the CDC and royal Caribbean couldn't agree on how to get people home so I was stuck for a while oh my gosh so they eat what about passengers was what were their passengers was only the crew that was left on who they couldn't figure out how to side to get you at home we had one cruise with gas and then all the gas the part of the ship and then it was just crew for two and a half months did you run wild on the ship for a while come on let's be real yeah I mean it was it was fun for a little bit but then it got really serious I don't know where and beyond that it was a fun okay so you have it so so basically you're so you're stuck on a cruise ship you're like okay this is kind of cool we'll have some drinks will kinda you don't gotta make it fun but after two and a half months you said it then it got really serious what does that mean yeah they close down all the venues the theater was closed all of the specialty restaurants are closed they close on the flo rider they close all the pools and the rock wall side getting ranked everything was absolutely closed so you only eat and they have the gym and the bar open for a little bit but they had closed it for I think like a week and a half to two weeks oh my god damn and the car so basically all we did was eat and sleep eat and and did they pay you without getting paid on the twenty fifth of March okay so you got paid between it so how much so how many days do not get paid then two and a half months so you for two months they gave us what they call a good will pay what is that is that basically the minimum amount was like four hundred dollars and that's what they have to pay you because it's actually illegal by mark time locked to keep crewmembers aboard without payment so there was some working crew there was two groups we all split into two groups of people who wanted to stay on the set and then there was like working crew who had to dance at and then there's the crew who wanted to go home and you want to go home yes my cannot Madden is joining us she's a valley resident and she was stuck on a cruise ship for two and a half months due to the corona virus what what was your job on the ship I'm a dancer so the like the shows that they put on and all that kind of stuff yeah the production shows in the theater okay so you're you're on the ship for two and a half months you're starting to realize just how long were you on the ship before you got stuck on the ship and you realize your gonna be coming out I find on in February okay and we were told around like March twenty third that we were going to be leaving in Barbados and you when did you realize the this things get not only Sears not just the closing down but we may not be going home for a while and I'm gonna be stuck here just sleeping and eating and doing nothing and not getting paid and not getting really paid when it was like when did that hit you are they kind of hit me when well I always knew this virus is very curious from the beginning but it was weird because we weren't really getting any information so the company was taking as just like a thirty day no sail order so we thought we were going to cruise around for thirty days with no gas nothing was gonna happen just the crew members on board and then we're gonna go back into full operation but obviously that wasn't the case so then we were just stuck out there because they extended the Nobel order though yeah that was definitely difficult was your ship hit at all by the the corona viruses you have passengers that were sick or any deaths or was it just there there was a pandemic they need to figure out how to do this and get everybody off no there was no cases on board so now he is and they still make you feel around it yes wow a completely clean ship and we just couldn't dock anywhere except Barbados to pick up the food and water for the crew what's the first thing you did when you got off the ship part time how do high and finally on land oh my god what was it like to see your mom after two and a half months it was crazy actually haven't seen her since January when I first bought for the contracts are I haven't seen her for awhile my goodness did they feel well and I think that the did they feed you well at least on the ship yeah I wouldn't say to the best of their abilities all I would have and I know that I'm a vegetarian so I'm kind of picky as well but yeah I was it was pretty hard to find something to eat that was nutrition like educational every day so I'm just going to be honest I would have just boosted up every day I'm if I'm gonna sit for two and a half the store and it will just take the boat over and let's fly the prior Hey look it's a rom there we go it was crazy because the bar was closed for a while and then even when you were in line to get something for drink like to get a drink or something the line went all the way down the set I don't see you going on a cruise ship anytime soon oh no no yeah that's not really on my list this year was this your first contract no this is my fourth country okay and you're done with the in the industry yeah I think so I think it's time to do something else something new McKenna welcome back to the valley go get some rest and we're glad you're our ride in my goodness it sounded crazy how much take care of yourself tell your mom is that alright okay you see a day you can imagine Maddon two and a half months on a cruise ship there was no flattening of the curve or some people say because so many people putting weight on fattening which is just like trying to go down can you imagine being so you're not allowed to leave for two and a half months drive me crazy well and the fact that when you have it's one thing when you saw some of the ships at first with several bad bad incidents of covert running rampant this had nothing no that's to say it's crazy after two weeks they should let him they showed up there coming up next Donald Trump the president the United States drops a bomb we'll talk about it next get the national perspective on the pandemic tonight at seven with an ABC news special covert nineteen what you need to know new information about how the U. S. is flattening the curve and stopping the.

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