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Punching a Florida man in queens early Sunday for banging on his SUV window leading to. The, Florida man hitting his head and later dying more trained cancellations Thursday for. New Jersey transit riders to deal with and lack of engineers to run the trains getting blamed Puerto Rico now saying over fourteen hundred deaths could be linked to hurricane Maria last September the federal death toll, still sixty four federal judge ordered the government to return a mother and daughter deported back to their native El Salvador from where they ran to escape. Domestic violence in the first place and the US is getting a space force. In two, years sports Yankees beat the. Rangers seven to three giants open preseason last night against the Browns. They lost twenty two ten seventy four degrees in central park on. This Friday August. Tenth thank you for tuning in I'm leave on. Putney w CBS news time is three thirty, one the White House announced. Plans yesterday to create a sixth military branch. The space force the goal is to get this, into the budget Next year and the administration goal is to. Actually have this command stood up I have this whole branch stood up by twenty twenty which might be a little bit quick things do not exactly. Move very quickly here at the Pentagon the Associated Press Sagar megani who points. Out it, would still need congressional approval. Were reports earlier this year that Russia and China we're looking at. Get anti-satellite weapons and so growing worries now about cyber attacks targeting. Satellites leaving us. Soldiers without phones navigation and other satellite based technology A. North Carolina man turned himself in the NYPD yesterday accused of punching a Florida man outside a, Long Island city queens hotel early Sunday morning leading to the Florida man's. Death more from CBS, Alabama on the NCW basketball assistant coach Jones.

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