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Thirty that's the toll free number eight eight eight nine two nine ten thirty before we take the next break mike this we're talking about the civil war i want to go back to something you had shared with me once before to that made me go wow and that had to do with the grand plan that the south had empire based on slavery and to hell with the north we don't even need we'll we'll we'll trade with your sheriff no problem but we're not going to base our future on economic way in fact that's what we're furious about the way the northern economic oppression that's what really caused the civil war well okay fine but you guys got one thing in mind you want to build a slave empire stretching all the way to sierra del fuego really that's right write downs or did the whole central america south america the caribbean and you know you know it could've you could've happened it may be that story i told what francis blair might have been the difference between that happening you know if lincoln are just said we'll let them go in peace next thing you know they're not interacting with the north as much as they used to they do that that's why america had all this the myth is that there was all this hatred or not position so the mexican war because we were such bullies lincoln stood in congress and he opposed the mexican war because we grant the mexican war was sad because we were such bull yes mexico is so small and we were so big and we were so thuggish that is wrong the opposition to the mexican war from northern politicians was from the knowledge that the south had their eyes on these new territories for a slave empire and so if the south had accomplished what it wanted to the north for lack of a better phrase would have been a tiny little nation compared to what the south is considering the industrial strength would probably never entirely but i see the point it could have been you know but in terms of mass numbers extending interviews at the would have been a big part of that you want to really use your imagination what if it grows.

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