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I believe of last year wow that was also third place finish wasn't it it was top five i know that yeah i think it was a third but ricky stenhouse junior and fourth yep alex bowman also top five so that's pretty good day for the hinder guys their third and fifth all right six to ten look like this eric merola kevin harvick clint boyer joey logano and winless ryan newman there at number ten and you knew it was coming right you know it was coming so this is a smaller many jimmy johnson between your ears we've been talking about our our cars performing better and driving better and creating speed the last three weeks or so but finally back it up with a solid finish is exactly what we needed and see my teammates with positive comments about their cars the last few weeks and some good results yielding from all of that it's definitely haven't role in the right direction and specifically on the forty eight you know last weekend there was a lot of excitement with the speed in our car but we just just had some bad luck on track and on pit road in a variety of things that went on and really be so buttoned up on race calling pitstops what i did in the car you know the whole thing really feel like we're rolling in the right direction with that third place in his back pocket does the momentum now shift towards the positive for the forty eight team the most situations that momentum does carry you up or down you know and things to be going wrong continue for a while.

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