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Base are often helps markers who are managing Bidzos programs to optimize in about five fifteen minutes. We provided to do list console rather than than having to open tables. In excel spreadsheets and go that the teams involved deal some heavy lifting. The comes run our console. So right in the center is is really the out of the answer, Adam. But, you know, whether it's the the agency or the brand were pretty much aimless RJ gets the most surprising thing that you have found analyzing this data or maybe a different way of s in. That question is what do you consistently see advertisers over underestimating will well to eighteen his all has been all about video the rages video. We've seen a lot of markers. Devote a ton of time and money into creating just tons and tons of videos, and the surprising thing is video doesn't work across all audiences, and it doesn't work across all levels of the funnel. So a lot of marketers. We work with agencies. No, that's not true that doesn't work. And then we surface the data here for your audience for your images are actually work a lot better in their lot cheaper for you to create in. You can spin out a bunch of different versions of them in the same amount of money that you're spending on video. So that's been a big surprise in two thousand eighteen video work super well for a lot of lot of different segments of different goals. But food videos, for example, we do a lot of analysis on videos food videos killed it this year on both Facebook and Instagram the top food video has getting meatballs in. So kind of. You know, surprising thing I wouldn't have guessed but food in general always performs the while. So at a return announcement. Was thirty eight times the average so video is have been well you mentioned this year. And I want to have you elaborate on that. You know, they say that you can ever step in the same river twice because once you stepped in the river, you have altered in some inexorable way. How much do you see now or do you anticipate seen the conclusions drawn by the pattern eighty nine algorithm? Changing as audience preferences changes as the people using different social media platforms continued to evolve I suspect there is no truth that will last forever, even for very long, in some cases. Yeah. So the old story tells when I worked at exact target we published or on the best day to Email and the ones that was published that was the worst day to sending everybody said Tuesday's baby only sent on Tuesdays at so in member. Wednesday with Saturday or whatever the aces in the same way. But even faster paid social changes on a daily or weekly basis. So our algorithm re runs every twenty four hours in the customers that we see the best results.

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