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You have a happy place you want to share yeah well yeah hi you have to include Ireland do you it makes me happy but I wonder where there are happy they're very happy okay but you're even though I know there's a difference with between north north of Ireland that that that's what they called and and and Ireland and Republic Ireland it's still the people they're very friendly to yeah they're incredibly friendly where did you go where did you what did you find was it really the city's mostly or villages well I was I was in of course I was in Dublin and I was in County Cork and I was in a way the friendly it's hard to sit down to the pub without having a conversation with a friend in the Republic of Ireland not so much in Northern Ireland yeah well I was I got into a nice conversations in the restaurants in Belfast Lynch really that's great I found them to be a little bit more standoffish in Belfast not all but that a little bit a little bit more nine fearful I mean a fearful as the word but just a not quite as outgoing well the only problem I had was when they talk to you a little while ago about that tour they took that end up being the game of thrones tour which I can explain right right right the only drawback thank you Gary we appreciate bring have a good holiday into it it's you too it's an interesting I mean I look at what people are saying about brexit and what could happen people are nervous that if the they have to reinstitute borders because of brexit up because soon Northern Ireland will be part of the European Union and the Republic of Ireland at the Northern Ireland will be part of the UK and the Republic of Ireland will be part of the E. U. and so they're going to have to be a border between them and and there's worried that that could see mark violence is that border had been an issue for many many many years and just what they figured out how to balance things out keep it quiet for awhile this comes along yeah yeah it's gonna be hopefully they'll be able to find a way around this because it's a I think that's the one the one portion of the people voting in the U. in the U. K. are not considering Northern Ireland as much there so much money more of them you don't have to deal with it so I think a lot of people forgot about that issue or just figured it would go away when they were voting yeah yeah yep so it's going to be interesting well as we said before along with voice questions we take email questions so let me pull those up we have one about it says hi Pauline looking to plan a Vietnam Cambodia trip either this April or next fall for four or five women who are in their sixties very curious active and interested in touring in four or five star hotels cruising on the on a riverboat and exploring the cultural sites of both countries over two weeks when is the best time to go we can't leave until April unfortunately this spring or next fall and spring is a pretty good time I know that late in spring can get into the rainy season in some places and I'm worried that April may be that time of year do you happen to know Jason so that's what that's one part of it if you want to be on a tour on and I'm sure all of the listeners who went with me to Vietnam last spring will back me up on this I don't think you can do better than world spree they did an amazing job on our tour I mean our guide in is when he's not guiding is a college professor that was the level of the service we got I thought he was J. best in extraordinary person who had so much interesting things to share about Vietnam and the hotels were four and five stars it it was amazing and it was an expensive do you about the yeah I think that if you don't go past April because it gets muggy and terrible but I don't know if this is not going out or what's going on but we live move to another email question so that's what I would say about so that's what I would say about this is not my right can you hear me now really technical problem okay I was just about Vietnam the best time to go I would not wait past April I started on February but after April gets muggy and yes it can be raining so it's a spring and autumn but avoid the summer I also would suggest a river cruise that's rising in popularity as a destination so that's also something to look into I think with that with the type of group that you want to go with you can often see a lot of the cities and and and a lot of the other stuff to see is kind of accessible by day trip part one some of those legs so you might get what you want out of it and a river cruise right absolutely all right and always I mean most tours include cruises with an overnight on how long bay and that is a really wonderful wonderful destination with it in via has some cruise element to it that's good alright we have a nother email from can hello Paul any Colleen and Jason we love your show and look forward to Saturday when your shows drop on I tunes do you have any tips on booking business class flights websites went to book at cetera I don't think there's any difference in terms of when to book we know from the airline reporting corporation which is this company that's the middle man between the airlines and all travel agencies by all travel agencies I mean the bricks and mortar ones as well as Expedia Travelocity Orbitz etcetera we know from their study which should have looked at two billion fair transactions that things booked on Sundays tend to be cheaper maybe because corporate travel agents aren't working then and that if you book Florida three three to four weeks in advance of a flight that tends to be the sweet spot for to saving money whether you're booking business class economy what have you it's can be different Europe to the U. S. that's that's a good rule of thumb for domestic flights but the other thing is almost all of the major websites that will show you airfares now have filters to just see business class flight so if you go to Frommer's dot com we just did a really really X. yeah we we did a big article on the best airfare sites to using you'll find that link on the front page of farmers dot com we need a quick break we'll hopefully sort out some of the tech issues and we'll come right back to you in just a.

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