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Another on michael rose your live from the twenty four hour newsroom another a hollywood filmakers being accused of sexual harassment la times says that director james tobin has been accused of sexually harassing at least thirty eight women since the 1980's some of the women were apparently looking for work in the in industry at the time others were simply women told back approached thirty one agreed to speak on the record with detailed incidents in which the oscarnominated writer director allegedly made lewd suggestions steered conversations into sexually explicit territory and apparently did other sexual things harvey weinstein is wretched say he's out of a one week sex rehab center weinstein apparently will stay in arizona though for another month working with doctors steam z says weinstein underwent intensive therapy to deal with anger and empathy issues he continues to deny he's ever engaged in nonconsensual sexual conduct with anyone despite the growing number of accusations there former cia director david portray us as a nuclear war between the us and north korea is not likely all of this rhetoric frankly is aimed not at north korea but a china atreya says these sharper rhetoric to buy a rhetoric by the us toward the north should be viewed as a communications strategy aimed at pushing china to help stop a kim's nuclear weapons programme he says the us armed services are ready if necessary syria to take him joins forces president trump will be awarding the medal of honor to a vietnam war vet for heroism in battle captain gerry mike rose says it's a great honor it honors what they have done they did a great job they were asked to do a very difficult thing and they did it and they fought hard and unfortunately a lot of did come home this is a way to honour all their memory sus by honoring the of those of those that are left at the rose was a special forces medic inside enemy territory in laos in 1971 a unit came under heavy fire rose moved through any that fire getting lifesaving medical treatment to numerous soldiers even shooting back at the enemy to get to those wounded men rose was hit by trap nor from a rocket propelled grenade he hurt his back and leg and also tore a hole through his foot but he continued to help others bill riley says after 21st century fox fired founding c e l rodger ales or harassment charges or riley was one of numerous male employees at fox news or accused of harassment.

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