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Asked business rockstars i'm alex morally joined by robin young cofounder of robin young and co thanks for being here for having that we are gonna talk all things brandang i love the talking branding so so happy you're here and you could start out by giving us a little bit of an overview of your entreprenurial journey and i'll it leads you starting this company sure shirt gosh i don't know how much time hashtag science reader's digest version on so my my entrepreneurial journey started out on actually in market research so i worked with this company gallup and robinson you're probably familiar with gallup surveys pretty big i'm for them i did market research for a b commercial company like nike target and robbins brothers and i'm really not the most fun to work but really really important to learn how how customers hadn't responds to certain commercial aspects like tagline said editorial content and instore experiences in things so i had a really great foundation in branding on and then i switched more into the creative side and i worked as a stylists are that was the first time i moved to allay why is it that within on you know magazines and whatnot anza in then everything was kind of making the shift to digital so i followed suit i worked with two different digital agency is mostly working on influence our branson's with a with a pseudo celebrities on their branded content so this is of way back in the day before you know brand strategy year putting a brand identity was even a bang so i really had to kind of gas to me you know what would his my mike clients like brand really it was something that i kind of had to figure out on my own on and then i've i finished off by working with a major major company so ucla who's got a hundred years of experience that they have a very very like solid brandon plays fights i'm had to work within those confines and really create a way to take this existing brand and make it feel really fresh and i worked on everything from like email campaigns of social media at so like websites ran the gap at a different marketing materials so really got a very like robust understanding of how branding words and.

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