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Every Monday. Hey everybody. This is Chris and rain, and if you do want to join us for the dirty talk after hours podcast. We would love to have you along. It's a weekly podcast that we do offer on patreon go to a Dirty Talk podcast, and we'll give you an earful each and every Monday morning both of your ears doubtful. Yes, two years full Monday morning. Sometimes we go on adventures. Sometimes we talked about the weird news of the day. It's a never-ending party my friends join us. So if you want to support this podcast and encourage us to keep doing the awesome job or doing and get bonus episodes may be weak go to Dirty Talk podcast. See you all there. We now retired to 2 Minutes to Midnight on the Columbia broadcasting network sitting alone in a darkened room. All that can be heard is a desperate voice coming out of the radio. Hoping to find anyone who's you talk to and the rubble of a slowly crumbling world. But maybe the sender isn't reaching the receiver intended. That's what happens when you attempted final broadcast goes out at 2 minutes till midnight. Hello. Is there anybody there? Please if you're there respond. Hello. I'm sorry. I just can't take the constant silence and permanent Twilight everyday bleeding into the last. I just need to hear something. anything I can't sit here anymore with nothing, but the product fruits of my memories sloughing feet leaving the Barrett hits my dog whisperers of how the world looked before the sky took on the reflection of the dried blood. That's still clogged storm drains the birth covered with this thin Downey Ash. The birds hadn't followed from their flight. The trees are bare. I can't feed off of the rotting corpses of the animals that lay beneath them when they themselves are expiring in this sunless loaf choked limbo. Try to remember how it all began. Is anyone even listening don't listen Okay broadcasting until the batteries give out, you know, it's lies. This is all I have left. Is there anyone there? Course, there's not you would have answered by now. Sometimes I think I hear someone trying to get through on the radio static. Trying to reach me but sometimes I think it's all in my head smash it. So they can't find you. I don't remember the moment when everything changed. These things happen so slowly. You would just to one small thing after another. First there was the water out of the tap would run black. But if you waited a little while let it run and everything would turn clear again. Is it clear now? Who am I kidding? Hasn't been any water coming out of there for months as dry as the grass in the yard. slowly turning to dust notice that there was a few less cans on the Shelf. She wants watch your Radioman said it was only temporary always wanted everything would be back to the way it was always walk and watch your no one really did anything the news was just the same frightened angry faces trying to be the one to talk the loudest. Trying to convince everyone else or or maybe even themselves that. Told loud enough and often enough, but would make it true. Then they rounded up all those people. They're always the others you were told about them the ones working against us. One disapproved of how we lived the ones that coveted what we had what we had learned. What was our right? That's that venomous car wouldn't allow them to break. So we made the sacrifices we had to there were always the others the ones not like us. This might be the last time I can broadcast. Is there anyone there please? Let there be someone there don't respond. They'll try don't care who you are you are. Just did someone to talk to I just need to hear another voice. That's not mine. Just a little while. I haven't heard another person. Since my wife decided that this was all too much. I guess it was that day when the electricity was suddenly gone. No..

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