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Lineup a lineup that like frank said has been piecemeal together with with two defencemen playing up at forward guys that they didn't think would get a whole lot of ice time are playing a lot this season and it just doesn't seem to matter the falcons right back in rochester right back in the in the atlantic hockey championship game and forty four seconds away from heading to the ncaa tournament air force five robert morris one this team came into the season with high expectations after making a run to the elite eight a season ago injuries all but devastated this team in mid season in december the falcons were in tenth place in atlantic hoppy february first they were in ninth place in at nine o'clock they picked up twelve points in the month of february finished in a tie for third they come in here after battling two out of three against a tough army team last week at west point and now they are eleven seconds away from going back to the big dance they've got the puck in their own end and there celebrating in falcon land tonight in rochester the falcons go seven for seven and back to the ncaa tournament what a senior j the sticks the gloves everything's up in the air all the guys pilot on the goaltender billy crystal plus who has been fantastic this whole season but none better than this weekend gives up one goal in this tournament billy crystal palace in the falcons head into the tournament your final score air force five robert moore one.

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