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You wanna call it because tomorrow in MetLife stadium, there will be my guess is they will announce. Eighty seven eight thousand people who will Jim into MetLife stadium for wrestlemainia thirty five now, the XFL and some of the stuff that you know, I clued producer, Tom in on the, you know, the value of the WWE network, and the kind of money that they're making on it and stuff like that. Metlife stadium is New York City is sort of the benchmark for the WWE when people who are in the pro wrestling business referred to WWE they referred to. What is New York? See used to be back in the day. They were territories this, oh, you're going to New York. You knew you were going to work for the McMahon family originally Vincic man's dad now Vince McMahon, but they're gonna fill MetLife stadium tomorrow for another edition of wrestlemainia and wrestlemainia has become so big now that it has gotten to the point to where cities bid on wrestlemainia. It's like a Super Bowl. You now submit a bid. To lower than because there have been studies done all the way going back to like wrestlemainia eighteen on the economic impact of having all those wrestling fans filling stadiums, by the way. Who are coming in and spending filling hotel rooms and flying into the city and spending money on food and all the different setups WWE has all across the New York tristate area that it has now become a process that you have to bid on wrestlemainia. It is that big of a business entity. So I know that Billy and producer. Tom are not the biggest wrestling guys. In fact, the biggest news in Billy's world at Billy. On Twitter, and we're still looking for the ladies ascend the bikini photos to Billy. The biggest thing in Billy's world was that Jaanus Toco didn't play in the game. That's going on right now between the nets and the bucks in which I was able to a little late wager in on their once. They announced that Janas was gonna be out a lineup. But. Where the boys are back at command central is. Where all this wrestling stuff is kind of going on right now. And a lot of it started last night. And now there's the WWE access that's going on an XT, which is supposed to be the minor league brand for WWE. It's kind of like the training ground. Well, they sold out the Barclay center last night. Pretty. Yeah. Barclays center was sold out last night. And they've moved some of to Barclays over the years, and it used to be the you ran New York City if you worked in WWE they used to run the they used to New York City like every six weeks or something like that. And now New York is no different than any of the other spots on the globe for the touring company. That is WWE to where they go in there twice. And maybe in some instances three times a year. So there are truly global brand. And I mean they put on an event especially wrestlemainia weekend. And it's sold out. Like, I was looking if you wanted what they called premium VIP access that WWE access which I don't know Tom at the Javits center. I don't know where they were. They housed that. Normally, we access you said, yeah, it's a excess ex ex E S s I do believe, but I know the normally do it in a gigantic convention center. And they couldn't do it over near MetLife. Because that's just the stadium. There isn't the infrastructure over there. So I thought they were doing it in Manhattan that peer twelve in Brooklyn. Okay. There we go. Get like premium VIP access to be able to get autographs with some of the real top top top top top stars people were not only spending their money for their Elsa mania ticket. But if they paid to go to that that was another two hundred fifty bucks to be able to go in there and go through now, you know, what they've done Tom is that that WWE access. They did it, and they do it like the NFL does with the Super Bowl how they have the, you know, all the NFL stuff set up at a Super Bowl where you can go in partake and all that they do that just for WWE for crying out loud. It is a massive undertaking to say, the least, but but not to change the topic, but what Madison Square Garden here this weekend, bro. So WWE has had a stranglehold on Madison Square Garden for like sixty years. No other pro wrestling company had run in there. Other than WWE. And they're in New York City, and they put the next t- show in Barclay center. And I think the difference is WWE from what I understand is looking at us cost saving anything, you do in Manhattan to Madison Square Garden from union standpoint. It's it's a hell of a lot more money to run a show at MSG, then it is at Barclays for WWE. They don't mean to be in the biggest fanciest most well-known arenas because they're the show like WWE on the marquee. You can put them in Sacramento, California, Miami, Florida, any in Brooklyn, New York. The show anyway doesn't matter. Right. So they're the big brand. So what happened was ring of honor wrestling, which is one of the three major companies in the US right now third. So it's them impact wrestling and ring of honor. Okay. And then there's new Japan pro wrestling, which is the WWE of Japanese wrestling. They're here. They're arguably new Japan is arguably the number two wrestling company in the whole world behind WWE there. Big time big infrastructure. They put fifty thousand people in the Tokyo dome for their traditional January fifth show this past year. They do some big box office right now, and they're very popular. So ring of honor and new Japan teamed up and the people that Sinclair broadcasting were challenged by WWE about getting into M S G. And you know, you're talking about a billion. I mean, what a multibillion dollar company against a multi-billionaire, but the company one out so tonight in Madison Square Garden, it is they're calling it a g one super show because right now Japanese wrestling to going through the G one tournament too much to describe but ring on her new Japan coming together to run Madison Square Garden, and they sold the garden out in like a day and a half. I do believe that is remarkable for something. I just found out about this the right? One of my good one of my friends. Matt who wrestles for ring of honor is in the main event tonight. Where the guy from Britain name is mardi skirl. Who was a part of this group of wrestlers who now started a e w wrestling with the confab who owned the Jacksonville Jaguars where this Tom. Yes, vaguely. Yes. So there's a really popular tag team called the young bucks. And the son of the American dream dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes, those guys got white hot. They ran a show in September at the old Rosemont horizon horizon that's now called the AllState arena, they sold it out in thirty minutes. They ran the show in September the Kahn family was there. They realized holy jeeze. We got something. They created a e w wrestling which will be another domestic wrestling company that will challenge WWE and others. They signed away. Former WWE champion Chris Jericho who had been wrestling in Japan. They sign on all these different guys. And they're having a show Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas. They sold out the MGM garden grand arena in I think it was under thirty minutes. That's how popular these guys are wrestling is writing a big wave. But anyway, MSG it's the first time in like sixty five years that someone not named WWE is running professional wrestling in Madison Square Garden. It's pretty amazing. When you think about it? The number one WWE had that much of a shrink hold on MSG. And number two is that somebody was able to wedge their way in there and get into the garden to run a show. But wrestlemainia will be highlighted by the first female main event at wrestlemainia. So they used to be called the WWE divas. Now, they're just WWE superstars, and they are the the ladies of the WWE and the main event is going to be Ronda Rousey who currently holds the raw women's championship. One of the WWE's television shows. And then the daughter of the nature boy, RIC flair Charlotte flare the whole Charlotte. That's that is Rick flares daughter. She is she was a volleyball player at Appalachian state is athletic as hell we'll probably do multiple spinning moon salts at some point during this show, which most women don't do. And then there is this Irish girl. Becky Lynch, who I do believe is roaming around CBS sports radio the other day. Right. I do believe so w fan. Yes. Yeah. I think she may have cost it Andrew bogusch. Which I'm all for anytime. Bogus. You're gonna get a beatdown verbally or whatever I'm down with where Becky Lynch, come from Becky Lynn is from Ireland. She was in WWE in a part of this whole group that sort of took the WWE women from being divas to being wrestlers. But they've sort of if you remember the name stone cold Steve Austin, of course, WWE has kind of turned her into a toned down. No middle finger stone cold Steve Austin, their stunner. I forget her finishing move. She doesn't do the stunner. But she basically like they've set it up to our she trash-talk, Ronda, Rousey and Rhonda rows Eli cooked up and put her in an arm bar once, and I guess she got out of it. They they've done a very well written storyline that even included. Rhonda rouses husband Travis Brown. Former AMA fighter he even got mixed into this. But I'm telling you they're going to have a great match because they all know what they're doing. And like she resorted to calling Ronda Rousey, Ronnie to get under skin dated, a lot of really cool stuff along the way to get here to turn this main event into something that people really want to see but Becky Lynch's. I don't wanna say she came into the WWE developmental the same time that that Charlotte flare did, but they were all in that sort of group that sort of took women's wrestling to the next level and think about it. They had to superstars big enough to pull the Ronda Rousey that. There was enough interest in making them the main offense of the key show for a multibillion dollar company rows he hasn't even been the star of the publicity tour. That's been Lynch. It's easy. Right. Very much. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And Ronda Rousey, by the way, it's done a really good job in WWE of adapting. And you know, the sewn have been like her persona is kind of been like a nice bad ass, but recently to make this main event work, they sort of turned her into okay? If you wanna get real with me, I'm going to get real with you, and they blurred the lines of the whole UFC WWE and stuff like that. But Rhonda rows if this is her. Only year in WWE because she kind of started a wrestlemainia last year and did the whole run this year or this this past year wrestlemainia wrestlemainia, if if if she was an indoor people wouldn't have accepted her and she's done a really good job. I gotta say this is a very much a watchable main event. I'm gonna tell you the next best show or the next best match on the show tonight will be the new Daniel Bryan against the guy named Kofi Kingston. And if you wanna see cool moves and unbelievable stuff those guys kind of follow on Twitter. So there you go. I don't know what the betting lines are on wrestlemainia. And yes, you can bet on it on some offshore places. Believe it or not. But yeah, the center of the wrestling universe is right there in New York City. Scott to be a lady roaming around somewhere for boy. Billy good job billion. Tom..

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