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Overwhelmed because of the flu or when have we ever seen nurses doing private videos on instagram on talk on facebook saying guys? I have to be here in tears going. I'm afraid of what I'm exposing my family too but I'm out here I can't stay home. Please stay home so I can't. I am please stay home because I can't stop spreading this even if you're gonNA live through it. There are people out there that are dying from it. Please stay home. When have we ever seen governors trying to outbid one another for medical equipment to deal with the flu? There are so many things different about this Kevin. Well I've got an answer that The news is blown out of proportion and it is negatively stressing our healthcare system as a result. And that's by design See in Wyoming. They had a Poland every wing and Casper Wyoming And as soon as corona virus hit and that wing was open five hundred people flooded that pulmonary wing fearful for their livelihood their lives that they may die of the corona virus however in the entire state of Wyoming where there are five hundred sixty nine something thousand people. There are less than two hundred three hold on. I got an answer. There are less than two hundred cases of corona virus so the majority of those people who flooded that hospital were panicking because of what they saw on the one hundred eighty seven total cases as of right now. Five hundred flooded Casper's department one eighty-seven whole state five hundred one city so that distributions across a massive landmass and everybody's panicking because the media is telling them it's the end of the world and it's sensationalizing everything of course. Your medical systems are stressed. The media wants everyone to panic. Chris Cuomo hit thirty thousand ventilators. He said he was holding for reserves. When the virus hit its peak. But right now it's only killed eight thousand people in the entire country. That's a lot but it's not as much as it is the flu and not only that in critical condition. Eight thousand two hundred. You know those ventilators. They can help most the country not just New York. He sat on him and he only got called that he only he only said they were reserved when he got called out on it. I believe one of those meetings he has. He has nipple piercings in his white shirt and he says it out of his own mouth now he double speaks and tries to lie and snoop says no no no. He wasn't hiding them. They were being held in reserve. But that's fact checkers spinning the fax to established Andrew. Cuomo you said Chris just for the record my bad my bad right mob. Sorry you're right my bad my bad. I'M GONNA have to no have to type something and I never thought I would type in. Which is Andrew Cuomo Nipple Piercing? But as I'm doing that as I'm doing that Michael no you have some numbers there about Wyoming Please address that. As I'm googling Andrew Cuomo's Nipples meet bagster point that I have to make Kevin than though is that this is an ongoing pandemic. And so as as as it progresses is there a point at which you're going to say? I'm wrong is yes this continues to go is so you're open to the idea that you could be wrong about everything. The death rate goes up. Yes absolutely What my my number is. If the death rate yes my number is if the death rate gets over one hundred thousand Inside a flu year Then I'm GonNa say it was the worst flu like the fifty seven. Sixty eight pandemic. That's still doesn't justify the lockdown if it gets above one hundred fifty thousand. I'm totally wrong and I'm going to go on and eat crow as hard as I can if it gets over a hundred hundred fifty thousand debt. I don't think he's I think he's GonNa talk about Donald Trump said or the the trump White House. I think the figure they put out was somewhere in the neighbor of two hundred thousand deaths. They're expecting from this. By the time it dies down was that was that FAO g I to be honest with you. The headline just said that it was coming out the White House. I don't know that trump himself said it was it. I'm being told trump himself said it I but they're hold on before you go on and conspiracy theory about Fao g which I sense coming. I feel I feel it you you you'll feelings are good young skywalker. Oh boy here we go. I just wanted to really quickly talk about Wyoming which Because you did point out. The Population Wyoming is five hundred. Seventy seven thousand. Roughly one hundred eighty. That's bigger than I thought. Fast-growing state my Mans and But percentage of cases per capita is actually exactly in line with California right. Now you guys. You're not being exempted in any way. In fact you're fourteen days Sorry you are nine days behind California since your first Case which means that You you you run. The risk currently in Wyoming of surpassing percentage of cases per capita in California. Well that's the certainly risk we run. I think you've correctly interpreted the data there My point there wasn't that we didn't have a risk in Wyoming my point was panic stimulated people to clog a small healthcare system. That didn't need to and that's part of the reason that there's an issue here. I think your point is correct I would also point out that. Wyoming is the only state in America right now that has no deaths from corona virus. And IT'S THE ONLY STATE. Well it's not the only it is state with the least restrictions on on corona virus protection in the country. But you're but you're also an interior state that had its first documentary case of chronic considerably. After everybody I mean really considerably after everybody. You're at eleventh of March was the first case in Wyoming. That is Let's see Alaska's one day after you sides that Montana's two days after you Alaska's one day but after you but every all the states we're talking about where corona viruses as Andrew Nipple rings well said Shooting Shooting Train. They are weeks and weeks ahead of you said well. I think it's interesting to note that you pointed out Alaska. It was only a day Different than us because they've got Only they've got fifteen cases and five gets more and they have twice the population we do. They are a little bit more spread out. But you look at South Dakota. They got more deaths at the Jason. They don't I thought they had a million. What do they got? Seven hundred thirty seven thousand my bad one and a half times the population of my bad. Sorry about that. I don't know if I correct me. If I'm a hundred and something thousand more that's it unified on their thirty seven thirty seven so yeah about one hundred and eighty thousand more my bad. I thought they had. I thought they had more than that. You got you right there. My bed go. That was just off the top of my head off duty. The Jesuit Man South. She's a jesuit. You're going out okay. So Okay live in Alex Jones land so I don't know what that's code for all right. Well here's the deal. Here's the deal. Here's the deal. All right all right you know you don't you don't you know these jesuits are doing you know what they're doing you know you know what they're they're having to answer parties. No I'm kidding I'll get sorry. That's that's just I couldn't help so Fouled she's been flip flopping because jesuits believed the ends justify the means And that's my that's what I think. That's my opinion Because earlier he was of the opinion that the virus wasn't as bad and later he totally reversed on trump and he's the adviser Found she also was included in the wikileaks Clinton emails. There's controversy about that. I haven't read it. I just glossed over the information so I'm prepared for the possibility that I may be incorrect. There that is something that I came across. But I haven't verified and I remember that. So that's why disclaimer. However you can google it and see what you find so foul she as a Jesuit He has a An alterior motive outside that of loyalty to the administration. Which is the Jesuit School? The Jesuit Group is sort of like the CIA of the Catholic Church the papacy itself is not something. That's actually Christian It's a it's an inversion of Christianity and in addition to it it's basically It's Pagan Christianity if you will that's I'm just I'm just summarizing. I'm not trying to be offensive but you can see how people would get mad but if I unpack every single word it's GonNa take all night. Okay so that's one of the reasons. I just gotTa say it all right. That's really interesting stuff. And you're not going to offend to atheists by saying. Oh no I'm not worried about you. I was just okay just about David's David's argument early. I was just I'm trying to show we're coming but I will point out that look man it from my point of view so you get a guy like FAO G. He says stuff the don't agree with and so then you go out looking for reasons why he could be wrong. Did you go into this? No no no no I bumped into that I bumped into that information. I didn't go looking for it. It just came across my plate. You see what I'm online it instead of okay. So how? How do you say flip-flopped I don't know anything about that? But you say he changed his tune. But that's what good scientists do with more data comes more different opinions so. I would be surprised if a with something like this. That's always changing. But the data's changing hour by hour that of course. Somebody's going to change their opinion as what Michael how to interpret that data. Michael he bumped into it on Jesuits in the Chinese control the World Dot Com. They just happen to come across it. Well actually hold you 'cause that was going there But not that website. Here funny joke. Here's the deal. The current pope. Would you say he's inclined toward Socialist and Marxist ideology or against it? I just want to say that it's amazing. How in talking to men of your political persuasion? It all comes back to socialist every time. Okay the pope. So socialism is in my view. Rebranded Lusa therion ISM and that's another thing to unpack but collectivism itself. It's a means of spiritually blind people and if you go into Christianity you can find the roots of it and you can see it from another perspective most people. Don't there's a reason for that. It's because socialism and collectivism. Ara Sort of modern rebranding renaming of lutheranism. That's my opinion. Okay I listen. I listen. Pope Francis is is. You're not going to get Michael and I to defend Pope Francis But I kind of want to shift gears a little if we can because I think this gets a little bit off the rails at times. I think we've heard your argument is to wear them. Think as to why. You Think Corona virus is I guess being overblown. I guess I'll give you one last time before I shift gears here to state what you think people need to be doing. And that's a little dangerous because I don't think anybody should listen to you regarding your medical advice or being outside but are you changing anything about what you're doing like are you washing your hands more often or are you not touching things we wearing a mask you wear gloves you heard. Michael and I talk about our precautions. Are you doing anything differently.

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