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Will still rise the attacker burst into rabbi Israel Kahan told us this way in slammed the door shut a service none of your getting out of the or something to that effect nobody's leaving and pulls out a sheet machete and on she fits and starts doing this on a couple of the suspect has pled not guilty to five counts of attempted murder CBS news update I'm Peter king in the nation's capital it is just press pause lawmakers leave the Washington pretty much abandoned for the holiday but they will return with the weight of the world on their shoulders impeachment on hold for now house speaker Nancy Pelosi won't budge until Democrats get the deal they want in the Senate or something close to it A. B. C.'s Rachel Scott takes a look at both sides of the aisle and wrestling this is a test of I at this trial they want to hear from the president's top aides and they want documents turned over so Republicans are making no guarantees many key Republicans is that they do not want witnesses at the trial they wanted to be short they wanted to be quick they wanted to be over but they're also saying listen you're handing out something that would really want so take your time if you're not going to hand over these articles of impeachment then keep it because we're really don't want to do with this trial anyway trump administration planning to be aggressive and eager to get the ball rolling in the Senate said before the break you'll recall the house passed two articles of impeachment against president trump former president Jimmy Carter returns to his Georgia church this weekend weeks after undergoing brain surgery Mister Carter and his wife of seventy years Rosalyn in the front row of the Maranatha Baptist church in plains Georgia the ninety five year old former president has faced several health issues over the past few years but continues to be active in the community and as a Sunday school teacher at that church we are just minutes to go before the opening bell on Wall Street and we are in a record setting mood these days we check in with Bloomberg business and Tom Busby with the early numbers good morning Tom all yeah Jeff things are looking good right now Dow futures are up thirty six points moving higher this morning now there's just two days of trading left in what's turned out to be a blow out year for the markets the markets of course closed for the holiday on Wednesday later this morning we get a read on the U. S. housing market that could change things pending home sales data for the month of November and McDonald's under fire that's after uniformed police officer in Kansas was handed a coffee Cup with it expletive.

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