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We're here for two hours on today's show. We're going to head to Darby winery and woodinville to squish some grapes and drink some wine. Did you do that? Tina? Dead. It was a blast tonight. Brought some wine to share with all of you. Did you get a few Greeks between your toes? My feet were purple for days. Really didn't make you wear socks or anything really fun out. Lucie, NFL style. Did you shower? I I get my feet in some clean water. Okay. Pretty grubby. You know, they process it. Yeah. Okay. Just checking extra flavor going to clean and prepare crab with captain, Sean Dwyer of the deadliest catch, you know, he came in that first time, and we had so much to talk about that. We did a second segment a week or two ago when he was here, but about how to clean king crab of which I had a fine version of last night at race. Cafe was the last time you eat it raised. I haven't been there in a long time. But I certainly have fun memories of it might have been eight or ten years for me. In there. So. Just saying. Delicious little salad. There's nothing you have to do to king crab except by good. Right. And then you have to properly you gotta let it slack. And then just don't overcook it because you'll you'll drain all the liquids out of the goodness somewhere more about that. From Sean Dwyer. We're gonna share our tips and tricks for buying and cooking pumpkins something. I never do. Why not? Which just you must buy a pumpkin for Jacqueline unin occasional. I'll get festive and carve out a little Jack lantern. But I never think about actually so what you're saying. Steal that in my city. Yes. Authority. I just never really tend to cook with them. So I think that's going to be a fun segment. Yeah. I love cooking with pumpkin. I think it's an underutilized squash. And of course, we're going to do our food for thought. Tasty trivia because I feel the need for speed. Do you think you're gonna win today? Are you feeling? I'm not feeling like a winner so much as I'm not feeling like a loser, you're middle. And right. That's good. I have confidence. But not over some days. I come in and just feeling that coming in hot hot time, Douglas. Yeah. Well, we'll see what happens. There's a lot of show between now and then lots of good staff, and then we'll see how you're feeling by the time the quiz comes up. Are you suggesting you're gonna smack me down there in the show, and I'll I'll be a puddle by. Maybe maybe I'll ask them really hard hitting questions three off your game. Speaking of hard hitting questions. Let's jump into ordinary to extrordinary because the chef the poke finally decided, yes. Perfect timing. We know that he loves to make things extraordinary. So let's just kick it off, shall we? Beef stew. It's starting to get a little brisk outside. I imagine the chef in the hat here wouldn't be bringing Yonne. Zeus? What makes it? Great little dash. No, no, no. How do you make take an ordinary beefburger gonna make an extraordinary? That's what I was gonna say. What makes you say Tom exit? Great does in extraordinary so little dash of vinegar at the end of your warming up. Your boogie news it up a little bit. That's a fresh herbs. Fresh Bosley is my favorite thing to put it on the boogie new and some wonderful grill bread visa with olive oil. So you can dunk that in there and time with that. I will add to this Mr. chef Mahattaya retro is that you gifted me cherry vinegar. I want to say it was last year, and I was brazing some beans, and I was like this could use a little perk could use a little something something that did exactly what you just outlined. It was it was delight. It's one of those acids in stews, I think at the end really helps making it just puts it up. Tom. I would also say that sometimes people think that they can use a better cut of meat to make it better. Like people working on his good with Chuck rose. Yes, we really good with filet Mignon. No. And it's really a bad idea. Terrible idea. So just stick with that nice bone in roast and do the cooking method better rolling slow and make sure you use the CEO pieces of meat before you knew this you make sure you put all your marina biking. You're right wine. And then a little stock if you have someone bringing it to a boarding and put it in the oven and cook it very nicely slowly so all of meat tenderizer. And that's right. Getting like a nice piece of beef that melting your mouth with a little red wine sauce connective tissues to breakdown there. All right. How about you take this one acorn squash, yum? Well, my mom did the whole day where she cut it in half. And. The hollowed side took seats up at the hall side down into a pan of water and baked it and then turned it over and put massive amounts of butter and Brown sugar in there. It was just like just made you the extraordinary candy bar, but that's kind of the classic way. Right. That's the way we had it. I was swimming. It's a similar idea that era of like glazed carrots, like everything was. Candy like quality to so little toasted almond and some citrus graded on that would help or be delicious. Scoop it out a shoe? Yeah. Cream puff though. Yeah. Take half. That's a shoe and half acorn squash. Macomb mix it together and make some delicious little pan-fried Mielke. Really good. Wow. Little Caesar in butter and pop them in the oven. And let them puffy little pillows sage butter. That's one way to take something that's ordinary and make an extra. I gotta tell ya that sounded pretty it wasn't sure you're going with that. But I'm convinced they now. Your hair's all pooffy. Were you not trusting him to come up with something? No, no trust. We're going to answer your questions on olive bars restaurants specials and more. When we come back on KIRO radio ninety seven three FM. Don't.

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