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Network. Now to have gray on ablaze radio network. By the way, I've been looking forward to seeing the movie, a quiet place for so long because I heard such great things about it, and then it came out on on demand a few weeks ago and what they do with on demand is what first comes out. It's like we're on early release now. So if you'd like to see this, you must buy it and pay eighty dollars for the copy. No. Doing so you gotta wait for it to not be a early release or whatever. And then you know you can rent it for five ninety. Nine. We finally did last night and it I- what a disappointment that move. Doesn't like it. I thought it was kinda lame. Hated the end and. It never really explain how any of this took place or what this is or what's going on. I don't understand. Dang it was. I was bummed. But is there anything good that comes out this weekend? Are there big new? We still have a think a few big movies to be released. It just can't remember. One of them is the one I'm looking forward to most that I've seen a trailer for just once and that's the new movie about Queen Freddie Moore. I think in November oh, you know what? I'm looking forward to. I gotta wait till Christmas though. It's that Ruth beater. For that one, Ruth beater flick, I mean, that's right. You're going to get together for that right. Do you know that the woman, the word woman never appears in the US cud STA to Shen neither to the word freedom. Here honor..

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