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Hundred ninety two the joint resolution is passed just hours after Democrats took control of the house. They made two key votes. Tonight CBS Rebecca Kaplan has to build to finding reopen the government the first one continues funding for the department of homeland security through February eighth giving lawmakers and the president about five more weeks to negotiate on some kind of deal on how to fund the border wall. If at all and the second Bill actually funds all these agencies that have been closed. So the State Department Justice department interior transportation a number of departments funds all those agencies fully through September thirtieth the end of the fiscal year. So those would reopen and workers who've been furloughed would be paid for the time that they were out of work. Senate Republicans would still have to approve the houses border Bill. Mexico is calling on the United States to investigate the use of force by border patrol agents against members of a Central American migrant caravan who tried to rush the border over New Year's Mexico. Wants more information. About the new year. Stay incident. It has asked the US for a thorough investigation around one hundred fifty migrants at the Mexican border in Tijuana, reportedly attempted to get into the US agents fired tear gas to stop them. There were reports of some of the migrants throwing rocks. This is the second time. US agents have fired tear-gas a similar incident took place in November. Steve futterman. CBS news, a North Korean diplomat in Italy said to be seeking asylum is from a prestigious diplomatic family with both his father and father in law having worked in peon Yang's foreign ministry, it would be the first high profile defection of a North Korean diplomat since two thousand sixteen are Seth donors covering from Rome. This is really something. That sounds like it's out of a spy novel. You have a South Korean lawmaker who has said that North Korea's top diplomat here in Italy has gone into hiding, and there's the possibility that he has defected. This would be quite embarrassing for North Korea to lose such a high level dip la-. Matt there is no rest for Asian investors as most regional markets. There are suffering.

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