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The show features a host of native talent from the producers to the on screen talent. And if you have a comment or question for the show today, you can reach us at one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. That's also one 809 9 native. We're speaking right now with rizal binali and she is one of the writers for dark winds. And Brazil right before we went to break, you touched upon some of these challenges with regard to a non native writer, Tony hillerman, the legacy in, you know, he is a polarizing figure amongst many native people, especially navajos. You know, he wrote a lot of books and he made a lot of money writing about Navajo culture and lifestyle. And I know some people feel he crossed the line at times and shared information that shouldn't have been made public and I just want to note it. Did you Billy and the other native writers?.

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