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He's one rushing title two of the first three years. He's been in the national football league and he's arguably the best player on that dallas. Cowboys was team. I think it's just a matter of making the numbers work so jerry. Stephen can take care of some of the other guys that want their money as well. The term disrespectful was used. Jerry jones seems to be speaking about daqing amari in a different tone than he has with zeke d. Do you think that's changed. The complexion action of how zeke is approaching this or the way he looks at a given the way jerry has kind of directed some of his comments amongst all of these three guys well first of all address this jerry i think the reason for that is the fact that there in camp they're practicing and they don't have two years left on their deal and so i think that is making jerry feel more better about them than it is about the and again they have had the off field transgressions as either so all of that is coming in the play for zip from zeke's standpoint of course i mean he's sitting there watching this and he i mean it seems like every other day. There's some slight right. You know need a legally new rusher to win the super bowl. Even all of jerry super bowls had illegally in emmett smith right. We're not going to set the the market you know steven jones talking about analytics and things like that and i mean and then you come out in praised the way he did and a and we know that as much as i liked that is not a top to your quarterback. Zeke elliott is a top tier running back if not the best running back back in the league so he has to be sitting back and feeling disrespect. I think all of that plays into is not just disease coup comment. I think it was all this stuff. You mentioned as well. No all of those things do factor in the other reality that you have to look at what these negotiations is out of the three guys that are that are angling for contracts right now. Amari cooper dak prescott has gotten zeke elliott. There's really only argument to be made for one of those guys to be paid top of the market money that prescott is not going to reset the marketplace russell wilson. Will we'll still be the highest paid quarterback in the national football league after tax deal gets done same thing with amari cooper. He's not getting michael thomas money twenty million dollars a year but ezekiel elliott elliot. I mean it's it's easy to say that when you look at these negotiations he should eclipse with todd gurley is getting that fourteen point seven five million dollars per year and forty five million billion dollars in practical guarantees. He should eclipse all of those numbers. I think this is a much more difficult negotiation than those other guys just because you do have comparables. We're should slot under where amari cooper should slot under. I don't think you have that with q. L. let's see i think they're looking at it like that. I think we talked about it yesterday. I think the todd gurley lee situation has hurt zeke's position because dallas is looking at it like this is actually the same time they gave girly contract and they didn't have to pay pam early they decided to and now he's damaged. Goods and you had a guy like c. J. anderson get off the couch and fill in admirably for him. So i think dallas is looking at that. I i think they also considered the demarco mur situation where i mean murray had eighteen hundred yards and again not nearly as much wear and tear as zeke his already had and they let him go and so. I think that i'm not seeing the new venture saying but just to push back a little uh-huh. Todd gurley doesn't have the first three months of the season that he had last year. The rams are probably not going to super bowl so of jerry. Jones is looking at it and saying if i pay my running back if that means is that i have an opportunity to be in the super bowl. I'm sure that the dallas cowboy of what listen i'm sure that the dallas cowboys would sign up for the opportunity to get there. What are these next four..

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