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Pick banged his shoulder a little bit so one twenty to go first quarter he heads to the locker room but that game three where it looked like the seventy sixers had wanted they confetti canon operator got a little too excited and that's the thing if you've ever seen the confetti canon it looks like if you've ever seen like a spotlight well it's like you know the race cars like bob tasca rides and it's got the flaps on the end right with the giant holes that's what this thing looks like wheel it out you philip follow whatever it shoots it all over the place and everybody goes nuts i saw brian rob of boston sports journal tweeting that some of that game free confetti was still laying around that they'd done a poor job cleaning everything up before game four down there in philly picks that up throat underclass wife and kid went to the what i mean they go to the super bowl it feels like every time the patriots go and we've got mounds of you know confederate aggies of confetti that are that are marked from from what game they correspond to so this celtics team has a chance to close it out and rooch look sweep completely improbable with this group and and i feel into the series you only under the series it looks possible improbable going in i don't know if anybody would have thought that the celtics would have been able to play this kind of defense to hold down the seventy sixers but also they have done the job when they needed to you don't when they need guys to come up clutch they found dudes to come up caught you including al horford.

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