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At the Richfield play house in Richfield Connecticut special tests include Mariana Rivera del strawberry and more tickets at Richfield play house dot or eighty three degrees guys a mostly cloudy and that's what's happening sports fashion top of the hour this is John may go on sports radio one one nine FM and four trillion sixty six WFAN your plugs in place of the New York sports listen to the band anytime anywhere download the radio dot com app in favor those today be of a lecturer Google home just say play WFAN to be locked into the back it is Mike's on francesa on the fan but like he's not on as you know a statue Stansky Kim Jones are given a company for the next three and a half hours right here on the fan eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six in Kim it's a beautiful day in queens we got the Yankees and that's on the field and we're ready for the subway series part two I don't think it's a coincidence that during John Mancos update the clouds parted a bed and the sun came out here at Citi field this is absolutely terrific it's great to be back in a ballpark Alonso's on the field ready to take some B. P. a little while amid Rosario dom.

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