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Q. N. Albuquerque off the job bread Hankinson was just fired willful police had been working on his termination after saying he blindly fired ten shots into the twenty six year old apartment in March president trump is touting work he's done to help the black community our black communities know if they really understand that at a rally in Arizona trump claimed opportunity zones have helped to drive new investment into distressed neighborhoods boosting employment he also cheered as work on prison reform and funding for historically black colleges and universities this has been an NBC news radio special report I'm Brian Chuck the food and drug administration wants consumers to avoid nine hand sanitizers amid the global health pandemic the agency warned the products may contain methanol which can be toxic when absorbed through skin or ingested it was founded several brands produced by Mexico based esque biochem essay the brands include clean care centre term level are the good gel asked by okay all clean the warning comes as hand sanitizer remains in high demand due to the corona virus the nation's top infectious disease expert doctorate that he found she and the directors of the CDC and the food and drug administration will be testifying before Congress today the doctors will share their views on the health risks facing the nation as states expand re opening in spite of spikes in corona virus cases in about twenty states apple coming to the rescue for people who might not be washing their hands long enough a new feature on the apple watch will not only detect when users wash up but also set a timer for twenty seconds that's the CDC's recommended duration for washing health update Liz Warner NBC news radio you're listening to one of the best podcasts from I heart radio and now back to the stuff you missed in history class podcast entity of vodka today is one of an intoxicant initially it's believed.

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