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Story hit me twice. He's dead at 49 any black man. Any man this dead at 49. I'm like, Hmm. I'm 48 like that's just a natural thought Now has 49. Hey, man, You know what? I'm looking backwards. Mow. I hate to tell you this man we've been trying to keep it from, you know you died on stage years ago. Soul brother Kevin Show weeknights from 69 on one or 2.5 the bone real, we roll radio movie The sixth Sense right now tell you in the move. No sense Now. Back to Drew. Go Rob a live on one or 2.5 the bone. Way, Believe me. I like it loud. I'm the man with the box back of rock the ground breaking down the street to the hard core piece by my J B. C by brace the cocktail. I'm sorry You can't understand, but I need a radio. Inside my hands on me Toe up. Sit up! Sit. But I kept my body your weight back. 10 story is rough neighborhood talking, but still sport gold and I'm out to crush is cool. Check out devastate the soul, but I couldn't survive without my radio sucker. About the look on my face is rather live from the bullet John injure in the afternoons. If you ask me later, Bob, take this guy's call about what's going on in California. Right now. He's got some insight to shed on us, John, But I want you to start thinking about those of us who are over the age of 40 some of us well over the age of 40. I.

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