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Save by the bell. Davey fe sods back and peacocks got. It's peacock originally started streaming over the weekend starts streaming. The news saved by the bell with some familiar faces. Mario lopez it's elizabeth berkley streaming right now on peak okay. We're back here on. Nbc sports on peacock. Great chat with dan orlovsky right. There are radio audience will rejoin us in a matter of moments. Billy gardell is gonna join us an hour number three. He's one of my favorite humans on the planet. He is a diehard steelers fan. He is a real big time football fan and he is just. The delight is a light. And bob hearts abessola everybody on cbs. He'll be joining us at the an hour number three and there's news pop everywhere Here in the world of sports including what just came out of san francisco. I guess out of santa clara san francisco forty niners just tweeting out. Moments ago at forty niners The information that we've been all waiting for over the last several days about where the forty niners are going to be playing their football games in weeks. Thirteen and fourteenth santa clara county. We're back here on the rich. Eisen show radio network santa clara county where the forty niners are based announcing over the weekend that there are new kovic restrictions through december twenty first where contact sports are allowed to practice or play and apparently again Kyle shanahan mentioned this after his nine. Beat the rams coming off their bye week yesterday. He mentioned how the forty niners learned of this on the flight down. So and mike florio on our number one said that the niners were gonna take one last run at santa clara county to say essentially really and the answer came back from santa clara county. Apparently really and the forty niners have announced that they are going arizona. they are going to arizona. They will play in the home of the arizona cardinals over the next two weeks. Arizona is a matter of fact. Interestingly enough has a home date against the rams this coming sunday but the forty niners game is not until monday night so their home date with buffalo monday night or thirteen capper and then their home date with the washington football team in week fourteen. Two pretty darn big football games for everybody involved. That's currently the the deep division leaders in both conferences eastern divisions and those are dates that will be played for arizona in san of san francisco arizona because arizona's on a on a road game in week fourteen. And then i guess maybe san francisco. Maybe the niners can leave some belongings down there. Because they're right back to play arizona in arizona on the saturday of christmas weekend. It was just announced. That's part of the header of games. That are played on a saturday of week. Sixteen so i guess the forty niners are are going to be spending some time in in glendale jed york the owner of the forty niners tweeting out. Thanks to michael bidwill of the cardinals just moments ago. So that's the latest on all of that. Now what were you going to ask me. You're asking me something. Yes so at the end of our conversation with dan orlovsky he said grew up. Watching you. big fan you know thank you thank you it cetera et cetera and you exchange glances. This has happened more than a few times over the decade. We've been doing this together and my question for you is. What is your of guttural reaction when you hear guests say you grew up watching you big fan. Well i guess if you heard. I think i made an audible like something like that right so i'll take it as a compliment because i'm fortunate to have done this long enough legend in the game. I don't know. I'm on par with jim brock. Mar quite frankly so but Kind of does hit me. I looked in the commercial break dinner. Losses thirty seven years old meaning. When i did my first sportscenter. You could do the math. He was twelve getting ready for. I'm wondering i'm wondering is bar mitzvah. No lobski member of the trump. I don't know. I don't know usually i'll reach out to jeff schwartz. I think he's the arbiter of who. Who is it he would no. I mean rich and fairness. I grew up. You know what i mean. So it's like you only got me by eleven years so it's not you know we'll take it. I will take especially since unlike the young justin. Herbert i look more distinguished and refined with less hair. Like the anti samson. Thank you for laughing at that. Can't be precise. I appreciate you guys laughing at that. I don't give complementary laps either. That was actually fine. I appreciate that. Thank you just not throwing stuff out. All willy nilly what you're saying. Let's take some phone calls here on the rich eisen show and then we'll take a break and then we'll do overreaction monday okay. Mike in pennsylvania. You're here on the rich eisen show. What's up mike. Rents what's up buddy. What's on your mind sir. I wanted to check into First of all real quick. Before i jump jump into the meat and potatoes in my call and start getting angry Okay i i wanna this show for being here for me well for a long time but mostly within the last four months i meant to talk about this on wednesday but i had to go roller therapy but i broke my heels. I fell off my roof. stacks Back in the summer. So i work out walking back and forth in their room. Listening to you guys. You guys like key in the keep my head out of my like like when i'm going through depression because i'm stuck in this nursing facility and we had the co it and when out of the building and all that kind of stuff so you guys really going. I can't thank you enough. Bless your man. And i i. I know you're a big eagles fan and you're concerned about tonight. And nobody's brought up penn state to me yet which is great. I did see anthony adams tweet in my direction but it's all good. It's all good now. That's all bad. As a matter of fact. I'm not i'm not bringing a ammo knocking you at all about the whereas rather the loop when it comes to the race but i'm talking about the The the thing that angers me about this playoff selection committee is 'cause they did the same thing ninety. Four when penn state went undefeated. okay The the first year. We're doing the big ten. We'd be are gonna rose bowl. Never forget this. Who do they put above us. The miami hurricanes because they beat nebraska old miami. And now they're doing the same thing with ohio state because Got know of this virus everything up to now. They have to cancel the next two games or supposedly If they say they don't play in the big ten championship game or whatever right probably put them at number four right up naming. Here's the thing mike. Thanks for the call. Enjoy your eagles tonight. Hopefully they they give you they give you a little bit of a boost. Look i said it. Put eighteen ohio state they as you know. Ryan day has covert. He's covered positive. The game against illinois was cancelled. They're not gonna be able to end the big time doesn't make it up so it's just one game at ohio state is not gonna put out there and i know ohio state didn't blow out indiana by.

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