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Get into the good stuff last night at wrigley field sunday night baseball. The white sox goering for a sweet and man they jumped all over zach davies first offering you the game anderson drives wander right going back deichmann looking at it's dawn. I pitched a game and it goes the opposite way. A home run into the bleachers. Tim anderson with the jack and it's one nothing white sox boop shabby on. Espn radio with the call. Tim anderson actually was not in the original. Starting lineup. he'd gone into tony larussa office after the game on saturday talked about how he didn't feel good at the plate and then he was working on some things in the cage. Before sunday's game coach assam hitting the saw that he'd figured out some stuff with timing And they went to lure us and said he's gotta be in the lineup. He's gotta be in. The lineup and sure enough tim anderson talked his way in the lineup and he hit the first pitch the game for a home run. The white sox were done though in that first. Inning davies delivers swang clobbered centerfield. Or take a back near the wall looking at. It's gone tosses the back towards the white sox first base dugout eloy jimenez when his second homer of the year and that quickly it is three nothing and the lead would continue to build in that first then a swing and a bolt drill out towards left centerfield on its way and it's gone. Two run homer the third homerun derby inning and white sox have exploded. It's five nothing near the top of the first at wrigley on their way to a ninety three

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