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But health concerns would force them to relinquish the role in summer of ninety seven and said of naming a replacement you guys decide to retire the role of president and then introduce ours and slaughter instead as the WWF Commissioner in August ninety seven so your last on air, president was gorilla monsoon, which is pretty cool. Little thing of note. What was going on with gorilla in summer of ninety seven when he needed to take a break, you know, win. Gorilla Sanjoy Morella passed away in a horrible car accident. Yeah. I guess we should touch on that, you know. I was going to save it for the because I thought you might give upset, but we'll just do it will. Guerillas son is referee Joey Morella who many of us. Remember, you know from the early day. I remember like yesterday in wrestlemainia six I don't know why that sticks out so much. But I think a lot of people don't know the the true nature of their relationship. Joey passed away in a car accident on the fourth of July nineteen ninety four and can't imagine how hard that must have been tell everybody about Joe in gorillas real life relationship, and then talk a little bit about the car accident. And how you heard about it and found out about it. And how company came to know about it. And most importantly, how it affected guerrilla? Well, Joey was gino's wife, marines, son and guerrilla adopted him after he Maureen were married so gorilla raise Joey as his son. They were you know, they were very close. Joey had. Great college baseball career could've gone pro and is fucked around and fucked up his shoulder and couldn't do it. So he he ended up in the wrestling end of things as referee. So. Now, we just done on the beach of think ocean city some like that or maybe I don't I really don't all remember as Shane McMahon. We we left television. We drove back to Connecticut. We got back into Connecticut about five o'clock in the morning. And I went home dropped we went to the office and cars, I went home by the time. I got home Shane called me. This is a Gus bad news. What's added? He says. Joey is gone. So Joey what what are you talking about ISIS? Joe Morelli is gone. Is in a car accident and we lost him. Just in Joey was the last person that we said goodbye to you know, the end of the night. Raise their just, you know, he's. Say your goodbyes and and. That's how I found out. It was. As shits. I. Called gorilla. All this is now I'm probably six clock in the morning. Now, call gorilla he answered. Was mass. Shall I love him? And you know, sorry. He. The God, you know, it just he was so young. I it was just so sad. Those are the dangers of the road. You know, it's. I just sucks, but that that moment that moment changed Gino going forward. There was such a big part of him that was missing going forward. And I think that a lot of the. The mental health. Of Bob Morella, a big piece of him died the day Joey died. I don't know that you know, that it just it just was missing. It was just it just was missing. At the funeral. He just didn't want us to leave. We all went over to the house afterwards and..

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