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Back in the ballgame for the ducks he turns in the paint misfires doesn't need anything players get the ball Bradley flying down the other way adult slow things down on the left wing get it back up to ground its brown a tease of its quality Kelly and Bradley on offense for cal read if the catch of the day teaser which grant turns fires off the rim and out Dante with the rebound Pritchard fired up ahead Mathis one dribble over Richard Richardson turned the corner on brown drive in it and gets fouled that's a that's a tough one there for Joel's was gonna get the fiber your Pritchard on a dribble handoff three sets a little bit of the screen and it's tougher Georgia fight through that and get in front of Richardson couldn't quite get there Matt this with the ball is done Richard the left corner dribbling guarded by brown now in the paint one handed bullet pass over to Houston there which is in turn it back out to catch shoot Houston default no Bradley will collect it bring it up for for there's Matt it's been back out get to brown top not so fast and Kelly Andre screwed up get a bomb turn getting rascals twenties of H. one eight cutting in the paint one eight misfires on everything Kelly with the rebound and puts it back in Andre Kelly clean up underneath to make it fifty three thirty three Richard coming back the other way gets filed by brown in the open floor April may run they get the ball out of the basket so quickly he goes on the line he has no way man you gotta be really solid you knew your transition defense Richard with the ball still dribbling Kelly Richardson one extra pass service Houston goes right into which bucket and a foul so it's about one block use the free throw line trying to complete a three point play thirteen thirty eight to go here in Oregon transfer from U. N. L. V. I mean so you got an experienced out here fifty year guy J. C. player of the year at Hutchinson community college before he transferred to you and they'll be they just always seem to have one or two of these guys to get us to transfer fifty your senior whatever that's an experience that has been through the wars uses free throw makes it fifty six thirty three pressure in the back court South Boston out one eight that's passed down the telly baseline back money on the wing to the top here's to shake them in the paper and it's going to how it's a tough one on Richardson because it looks like Paris restaurant to grab this way Paris was going away from us and we could see the palm of his right hand on the side of Richardson is right in the there's Boston inbound over the top south on the right wing three of the top that serve the quality there's his left corner shot quality is money from the left corner he is I mean it should be on the Skadden report left corner three ball fifty six thirty six broaching thirteen to play that score of sixty to ten in this half going down underneath the days got to catch the gets the bucket Kelly battles yeah you just do big get to the ball seven people in the past and you can literally play it up from there yeah so long a little reach out slipping from a couple feet it's a chance for you to get this guy some time get expert timing so that he's ready to go in the conference tournament yeah missing time with a knee injury is that a that a line up and there's there's no substitute for playing the game free throw badly and Kelly with the rebound here being hi rich what kind you know I I I like college kids Todd so I I hear on the client side that was a that was a miss Austin dribble in name of the pay pass pass to a cutting Kelly and Andre believes the basket for the protection lays it in from the right side I want to find by parents at ABC traffic big guy on earth it bounce pass twenty point game ducks fifty eight bears thirty Richardson I just went back to the left side it's getting mapped his he lost the handle on the rack Richard since left Kelly picks it off he gets it over to Austin you just know and we've said it literally twenty three times now you just know it's going to end up going back last ofsted drive near the last month thank god I'm in the year to get the bucket but got a foul and Houston that's the second time in a row the Paris is been able to get into the teeth of the defense to make something happen Boston the line eighty two percent of the season free throws good C. G. Walker checking in Houston to the ducks offense teammate and friend teaser rates for the bears Paris is sadly a moved up to fifth in the conference in free throw shooting here Matt Bradley in the top six we've south would be but he hasn't I made enough to go by the senator made in a game Austin makes a fifty eight forty and the ducks in a row one up ahead to Dante Richard with the high risk high reward past ninety can't handle it it Riffe said about spurs ball south Austin the over twenty Johnson set the offense there's triple into the right hit South cream can't shoot on the left side fifty eight forty three eleven forty five to go yeah good disagreement that three because that's the shot but that play is designed to have if you don't get the screen role you skip a crosscourt that guy should be open Richard shaken out written back in out going to be a foul on CNN and I say one of the largest okay dot ball when we come back time out on the floor eleven thirty one to go in Eugene Oregon fifty eight cal forty three this is cal basketball driven by your northern California Toyota dealers from Learfield IMG college you're in charge of hiring and indeed has solutions like online skills test which Medicare did it show that they're the right hire indeed will also give you the sticky frog which will suddenly look and stick to the face of a perfect higher yeah okay there's no sticky frog.

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