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At squaw valley alpine meadows Dr Mike powers is with the placer county sheriff's office is an area of the resort where the band ski area and at this point there's no reason to believe that any other area of the resort or alpine meadows is in jeopardy currently we have one confirmed fatality and we have another victim with serious injuries and overnight snowstorm in that area near Lake Tahoe dubs as much as two feet of snow on the region Charlie makers no longer number one a new poll finds the Massachusetts governor is still pretty popular but he's no longer the most popular governor in the country they like the governor here in his hometown of swatch even those who don't share his political affiliation by the third all right I'm a Democrat but I have no problems with them I'll give that a beach a real writer says he's frankly surprised the latest morning console poll finds Charlie Baker's disapproval rating has edged up to still paltry nineteen percent taking of being the nation's most popular governor to number three if you had to guess why he would say infrastructure an opinion echoed by another commuter here at the N. B. J.'s wants good station I hear a lot of people really worrying about transportation and he hasn't really addressed to the doesn't have a comprehensive plan that's biggest concern for me and that's from a guy who calls Baker definitely likable hi Joe it's not it seems as likable as Wyoming governor mark Gordon now occupying the number one spot proves once again will be all WBZ Boston's newsradio new Englanders apparently doing pretty well though Vermont's governor Phil Scott the fourth most popular governor according to the survey in New Hampshire's Chris Sununu is number five following last week's missile attack by Iran on a a rocky military installation US officials said no Americans were harmed turns out there were injuries at least eleven US service members were hurt CBS news national security correspondent David Martin says tensions are still high to between the US and Iran just today it's being reported that the Ayatollah is telling his people that the revolutionary guard will continue their battle against American forces in the region the supreme leader of Iran says president trump is a clown who only pretends to support the Iranian people addressing Friday prayers for the first time since two thousand twelve I have told Ali Khamenei says trump will call to push a poisonous dagger into the nation's back he says the outpouring of grief at the funeral for and stop general after he was killed by US airstrikes earlier this month shows that Iranian support the Islamic Republic how much exercise said he got in the last week I'll wait well if you like fifteen percent of Americans the answers to actually non the centers for disease control and prevention would like us although to move more CDC says that just a half hour of brisk walking five times a week can dramatically improve your overall health and quality of life the big picture benefit to society is reduction in costs it adequate levels of physical activity are tied to one hundred seventeen billion dollars in healthcare expenses every year that is a disease Jim Ryan but you're not moving around maybe you're sitting around maybe you're watching videos turns out a whole lot of us spending a huge amount of time watching really short videos you're watching videos on your phone there's a really good chance you're watching short once on the app tictoc use of the video sharing app jumped at three hundred and seventy five percent in the U. S. last year eighty five million hours and that's watching videos that are capped at fifteen seconds from content creators like.

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