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So how did you end up with iheartmedia as a radio producer board up oh you started and promotions you never did a garden line promotion whoo i'll let you get to the phone could hurt ringing in the background seven one three two one two hats erin guerrero she's the first one you're talking to when you call that number she's taken nix place just for the day nix on vacation need some time all with sam and erin usually puts in time in our sister station next door we seer on saturdays and sundays but she's in her private little booth over there she has to deal with this got to be totally did i gotta ask you this erin there's got to be totally different for you one man one radio show four hours you don't have for people to do one hour of radio it the owner but you're like yesterday you like four people and to do one one hour show yesterday this has got to be different for you one person to do four hours of well if you don't care nikki we we don't count picking she now answering the questions let's go to joanne in maryland up next joy and good morning good morning my require probably night critical question i i do all my toyoto on exactly the way you describe air last year i actually let my tail record i didn't even plant all crop on hope that everything out and we did the phileo picked up the back come back and i can quit in nato and herbal hall and some minor well the purple how many come i have had a crop of trouble with a guy might i probably ah a warm but i am unable to find it in made out by off at like greener i've got a bag of those now on my parade made up high so good my concern now is that i getting purple how thing is it give viren purple how on the out by opening up the south even eating a shout.

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