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Assortment. Okay let's do some segments by the way Breaking moves it. Didn't it did means that we need to say something for our friends in rondo. Colorado rod does what the cool people say I didn't put this together but someone just mentioned this to me. Colorado just did the unimaginable. They just lost each straight playoff games. In the course of two weeks and the fight the and the fight the avalanche were up to nothing and then they lost four straight and in the midst of those four straight losses. The nuggets got swept thought. That's actually yikes. That's the rodney curse to not have a win tab. Two teams deep in the playoffs and not have a fucking win in two weeks notices. Because it's the bargain with the devil that you have to make in order to get aaron rodgers traded to your city. Yes good point really good point. I'm going to match up these schedules. Real quick let's see when when they exactly happen because that is man we i love. I love men. ver- yeah. I love mammoth fort collins guy. I like that guy that goes on the detective shows and talks about how he caught people forty years ago. Now i love men ver. I think it's a great city of had some fun times. I went to a rockies. Game unbelievable stadium unbelievable jay. Can you find for me while i do this. Tell me exactly when the avalanche started their four losses and when the the nuggets started therefore losses. I also think it's a curse on on the nuggets for wearing shitty uniforms yet. Tonight's the night they war against the blazers that uniform. And if you're the nuggets you have so many like cool like imagery in in colors that you can use and you go with that gun powder rate. I think is what is called. They had a sunset on their jerseys while they were playing against the sunset. They did the same thing where they were. Basically the trailblazers colors against trail blazers suns were seventh ninth eleventh and today avalanche four. Six eight ten all on the fourth on all the from the fourth till today They lost eight straight playoff games ten tennis. Yeah that's really really tough okay. So that poor one for our friends in rondo. We appreciate you. As awol's we are going to celebrate. When aaron rodgers goes to the broncos mountains or blue we will celebrate for days when we will call it rata week when aaron rodgers gets traded to the broncos all right couple segments. Let's do some talking soccer. So the euro started one of the craziest scariest stories on saturday when Let me get the facts correct. What is his full name. Christian christian erickson right playing for denmark. Denmark against finland collapsed. He actually like went into cardiac arrest they were able to. I think the. I think a finnish player. The story goes started. Cpr so would i heard was he. He was struggling to run at the of steps and then they're throwing the ball in he collapses into the ball goes face down. They immediately call over the medics. I don't know if he started giving him cpr but they got the medics out there. Like real quick the trainers were there in a matter of five seconds. The medics were not long after that he was dead. It was feel he was dead. His heart stop nikki. Six yes and they. They put the defibrillator on and shocked them and then gave him cpr to keep his heart going so yeah they brought him back from the dead. It was it was a brutal scene crazy the the danish players yes danish. Yes surrounded him in order so that people can take take pictures or film him on the ground in case he was dead and so They were like trying to protect them and their way that they could do in that they take him to the hospital. They call the game off which was probably the right thing to do. And then football football guy christian erickson gets on zoom call with them. Search jacking up. No he tells them. I want you guys to play the game. Yeah then they went out there and played unfortunately they lost but it was one of those things where you were watching the game and you could tell that nobody on the fueled like was thinking about the game whatsoever. They basically just watched their captain die in front of them crazy. It was insane so thankfully he's ok but it did bring out. We talked about this a little bit before we started taping. It brought out some of our favorite people on twitter. Who were everyone was mad. Everyone was was upset watching the game because they just saw somebody maybe die right and they chose to take that anger out on the broadcast of the game because the broadcast was coming in from uefa and uefa cameraman like dude. Just be a normal camera guy and find a hot chick in the stands like every other horny camera world are actually the appropriate thing would be just like cut to the blimp feed right or whatever that is but they were showing the players there were zooming in on christian eriksson's wife in the stands up who just thought. She saw her husband die and it was brutal. It was immediately admittedly brutal to watch but everyone was like mad at espn for making them. Watch this and it's like you. I get that you're mad and i get that like you're upset about what you're watching right now. We do have like there's a button in your hand on your remote right. That actually controls your own television that you can turn on and what it comes down to. His people are on social media to get re tweets and likes and of course. We're i mean always always sitting in this room are guilty of this. The put put in a situation like this. They just tweeting. I hope this guy is okay. Won't get you the most retreats. So what does having an adjacent conversation to it where you're just mad at you know like you're mad at someone who didn't have anything to do with espn. But you're just yelling about you. Know how they did this wrong when everything happens really fast. It's fucking crazy. It was a scary situation. I wasn't watching the game. I saw that he was. You know a week on a stretcher going off and and i've said this before the read the room people are the worst people in the world. Because i still can't for the life of me understand how Being affected by something and then spending that time immediately after replying to other people to read the room is like you. Showing your Your lack of room reading. You're just you're giving the proper like credence to the moment by just replying to people saying the room. Yeah because you are. You're clearly thinking about christian erickson by by sitting on twitter and replying people read the just maybe a moment of silence for maybe. Just don't tweeting don't you don't you don't have to tweet when you watch a guy die on him again. I wasn't watching. I saw that he was like got caught. Up i saw was scary. I saw he was on a stretcher. Like awake i saw. They said he was okay. I read that one moved on with my day. Because i wasn't watching wasn't gonna jump in and be like. Oh my god just saw this thing. Let me get my take off all right. You don't have to tweet a video and be like block charge. Yeah right eat but thank god. Let me say this..

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